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   Chapter 634 Avery Had Regained Her Energy And Passion Back

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 9076

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"Got it. Thank you for reminding me, Avery," Moore said over the phone, a faint smile on his face. "But I have already picked up some suits for tonight. Anyway, thank you. I know you're busy, Avery. You're a superstar! I won't bother you any more. Work before play! I'll let you go now. See you later when I pick you up, okay?"

"Well.. Okay!" Avery said reluctantly. Actually, she had already asked for a break from work and wanted to spend the afternoon with Moore. Realizing he didn't want her company, she decided not to tell Moore.

"Okay. See you later, Avery. Bye." Moore hung up as soon as he finished the last word.

Avery, hearing the call's disconnect tone, stared blankly at her phone. She felt terribly disappointed.

"I'm all set. Let's go, Avery! Let me get you to the Qi Mansion," Adolf said as he walked out of the sound stage. His voice rang nicely through the room due to the good acoustic design of the room. Audio recording equipment was strewn about as Adolf walked passed.

"I've changed my mind. I won't visit Moore anymore, Adolf. I know you were planning to visit your brother at the hospital. Just go there instead! I'll just head back to the hotel and have a little shut-eye before Moore and I meet later tonight,"

Avery said as she turned to Adolf. She looked breathtaking. But underneath, Adolf noticed she wasn't pleased about something.

"What happened? You were so excited to see him a while ago. What made you change your mind? You seem upset. Did Moore do something?" Adolf asked with creased brows. He shot Avery a worried look.

"No, it's not like that. Moore's been really busy with the dinner preparations tonight. I thought maybe I shouldn't bother him right now. Don't worry about me, Adolf," Avery softly said as she shook her head.

"Even if he was busy, as your boyfriend, he should spare some time to be with you! What a boyfriend he is!" Deep inside, Adolf felt sorry for Avery. He examined her face under the bright corridor lights. Even when looking at her tender face, her rosy cheeks and beautiful eyes, Adolf could tell she was really upset by this. He continued, "Look at yourself, Avery. I'm really worried about you! I can't leave you alone like this! How about, I drop you off at the hotel before I go to the hospital?"

The two made their way to the car that was parked in front of the building. Adolf opened the door and assisted Avery into the car before she could protest further.

Adolf got into the driver's seat and pressed the button to start the car. A while later, Avery took a deep breath and said, "Adolf, I'm not okay and it's really bad."

"Avery, you know you can tell me anything," Adolf said as he turned to Avery wit

Just outside the door, Jean was surpised to see Avery standing in the corridor and staring intently at her. She greeted Avery, "Avery! You're here! Are you looking for Moore? He's inside the room," Jean didn't notice Avery's angry look as she said this in a happy tone.

In the room, Moore felt lightheaded for a second as he heard Jean greet Avery enthusiastically. Then he walked out of the room and saw Avery's furious look.

He put two and two together and realized why she was angry. He walked towards Avery and held her hand. Then he turned to face Jean and said, in a fake tone, "Go and and get some sleep, Jean. I'll wake you up when it's time to go."

"Okay! You two have fun!" Jean teased and then yawned while walking towards her bedroom.

She felt exhausted and wanted some shut-eye.

After making sure Jean was inside her room, he pulled Avery into the door and closed it.

"Let go of me!" Avery telled at Moore. Her temper was bleeding out and couldn't control it anymore. She stared at Moore furiously.

"Avery, I know you're pissed. Can you at least, let me explain?"

Moore pleaded.

"Explain what, Moore? Well, okay then, I'm waiting." Avery took a deep breath in a futile attempt to calm herself down. She looked at Moore expectant, but still angry.

If Moore said anything wrong and she found out he was lying, she'd kill him with a look.

Moore smiled bitterly, sighed deeply and said, "Avery, Jean is pregnant. You know, pregnancy can bring a ton of mood swings and emotional changes. What I mean is, we all do our part in taking care of Jean, even for the small things."

"Get to the point, Moore!" Avery snapped. She definitely lost her patience there. She didn't want to listen to a long story. What she wanted to know was the reason and the reason alone.

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