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   Chapter 633 How Gullible He Could Be

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 7291

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"Whatever! I will not going to talk to him anymore!" Jean ranted angrily and clumsily took her phone out from her purse. She then searched for Ronald's number and intended to delete it from her contact list. In this way she hoped it would also remove him out from her life.

But she was stopped by Moore. He blankly stared at her frowning lips and brows scrunched downward in anger. He proceeded to ask her, "Are you okay?"

"You know I always hate Edna, and he's her nephew. So I'm not going to be nice to him," Jean replied mindlessly.

But she realized she was being impulsive and Moore might have thought it was his fault, so she turned to him and explained, "Don't misunderstand me. It's not because of you. I just simply don't like Edna, especially the way she treated Zed's parents. I…"

"No need to explain, Jean. I truly understand." Moore looked at Jean straight in the eyes and said softly, "I know you don't hate anyone for no reason. And I don't like Edna too. I was just hoping that it wasn't because of me. But as you have told me, that it was because how she treated Zed's parents. Now, I feel better and causing you any trouble is the last thing I want to do."

Moore looked at Jean and winked to make light of the situation.

'It's good that you feel better, Moore.'

Upon hearing this, a broad smile appeared on Jean's face.

Truth to be told, she was not angry for what Edna did to Zed's parents.

But she had no choice but to lie. She didn't want Moore to know that she got mad to defend him.

Otherwise, he would feel guilty.

Indeed, Ronald did nothing wrong and she misdirected her anger towards him simply because that he was Edna's nephew.

Thinking of that, Jean knew she definitely overreacted. But it was hard for her to accept. That was why she was furious.

Even so, she was downright rude to him. She felt shame and cast her eyes down. All of a sudden, she looked up as she made up her mind. 'I will make amends tonight. I have to find a chance to explain to Ronald, ' she thought.

"Aren't you going to pick your evening dresses? Let's go! I will help you choose!"

Moore distracted Jean from her thoughts as she w

othes. But Jean seemed to be in high spirits and he didn't want to ruin it so he played along.

"Great, it's settled then! Oh, wait! Let me get you a tie to match the suit." A look of satisfaction could be seen on her face as she bent down to find a proper tie.

Suddenly, the phone rang.

It was from Moore's phone. He took it out from his pocket and answered, "Hello…"

"Moore, where are you?"

"I'm at home. Why, what's the matter?" Moore glanced back at Jean who was busy searching for a tie around the heaps of shopping bags scattered on the floor. He then walked to the porch to get some fresh air and to speak with Avery privately on the phone.

"Your suit for tonight's dinner, I have prepared it already. I had it customized for you. It's made in Italy and in your favorite color. I can send it to you right away…"

"Avery…I've already had a suit to wear." Moore didn't wait for Avery to finish and further added, "Thank you, but I'll be wearing my suit for dinner."

"Moore, this is a very important dinner. You have to make a good impression, especially to the Bai family members. You need to look your best or they will look down on you. First, you impress them with your impeccable clothes, and then you beat them with your charm and character. These are your weapons, you shouldn't take this lightly…"

Avery sounded worried on the phone as she was trying to convince Moore to wear only the best suit for tonight's dinner.

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