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   Chapter 632 Something Had Gone Wrong

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 7417

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Ronald had everything planned out, but something had gone wrong. He felt deep regret within himself because of it. 'For me, studying was the only thing that occupied my mind, but Jean was different. She had never been interested in studying. Her family situation didn't help either.

Dating is the normal thing to do for girls who have left school and joined the workforce.

How could I have not thought it through?'

Ronald's eyes dulled. He was unable to share Jean's excitement.

He might have already missed out on the most important person in his life.

"I can't believe you have a master's degree! That's great! But from what I remember..." Jean muttered. She paused for a moment to gather her thoughts together and continued, "You didn't even like to study and your grades were average in primary school. Things have changed a lot."

"Yeah, things have changed a lot," he said. But in his mind, he wasn't only referring to his schoolwork. "After I moved to Canada, I started to concentrate on my studies,"

Ronald explained with a forced smile.

But in truth, at the beginning, Ronald struggled a lot. He found it very hard to settle in. He missed Jean a lot to the point of locking himself up in the bedroom and refusing to eat or go to classes.

He didn't want to be away from Jean. But no matter how much he fussed, he wasn't able to change anything.

After a while of fighting and struggling, Ronald had finally accepted the situation. That was when he turned things around and decided to put all of his energy into studying hard.

The thought of seeing Jean again kept him motivated and stopped him from going insane.

But now, his efforts might have been for naught. It seemed that she was not interested in him.

"That would make sense. It must have been very hard for you," Jean sighed.

"I just did what I always wanted to do," said Ronald. He looked into Jean's eyes. There were so many things that he really wanted to tell her, but those words were stuck deep inside of him. He said nothing.

Jean was too excited to realize anything, but Moore had keen eyes. He could see through Ronald's facade.

Moore took a sip from his coffee and casually mentioned, "Jean

e you leaving now? I..." Ronald stood up and tried to say something, but Jean and Moore had already left the cafe.

Ronald stared bleakly at their figures until they disappeared into the crowd. He felt helpless.

'Jean, even though you said that you and Moore weren't dating, your actions tell me otherwise, ' Ronald thought with an ironic smile as he sat back down.

'We used to take care of each other. Why have you changed?' he thought as he swallowed a lump in his throat.

He felt the barrier between them.

'Is it because of Moore?

While you were taking care of him, you forgot about me without hesitation, ' he thought bitterly.

He felt like she was drifting further away from him.

Suddenly he slammed his fist onto the table defiantly. He had made a decision. 'I will not let you leave me, Jean!

As long as you are not committed to a marriage, anything is possible!'

Moore was frowning at Jean as they walked together. "It wasn't very polite to leave so suddenly, don't you think?" said Moore.

"I don't care! He isn't important to me at all! He is just an old classmate from primary school. I didn't even recognize him yesterday! I really don't want to talk about Edna's nephew!"

Jean's honesty was brutal.

"Ronald would be heartbroken if he knew how you felt. I think he has feelings for you. By the way, why didn't you tell him that you were married? Aren't you afraid of making Zed jealous again?"

Moore asked her, confused.

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