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   Chapter 631 What Has He Done To Upset You

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"It was just yesterday that I ran into my old classmate right here. He has been abroad for a long time and a lot of things have changed here. He isn't familiar with many places, so I asked him to meet here. By the way, he just texted me that he got caught up in a traffic jam. We may just have to wait a while until he makes it here. Moore, let's go for a walk!" said Jean.

Moore nodded without much hesitation.

Moore followed behind Jean to several luxury stores that were meant exclusively for men. There was something oddly familiar to him about this.

It suddenly dawned on him that Jean had tricked him into shopping not long ago, and she had spent lavishly for his clothes.

"Jean, you don't have to do this," mumbled Moore. He curved his lips to render a wry smile and continued, "Do you know you can just tell me up front if you want to get some new clothes for me? It's really not necessary to lie about it."

"What are you even talking about? I didn't lie. My classmate will be here soon," retorted Jean. She shot a quick glance at Moore and continued, "And why would I be shopping for you? Your girlfriend would kill me if I was to buy you some clothes."

"Oh? Really? Then, for whom are you buying all of these men's clothes?" Moore gazed at the bags in Jean's hands and questioned with confusion.

"I just buy whatever pleases my eyes!" Jean rolled her eyes and riposted to Moore.

Moore gave Jean an awkward smile, but Jean didn't even honor it with a glance. The air felt eerily awkward between them.

"Jean!" An exciting voice saved them from it momentarily.

Jean rolled her eyes at Moore again. He was unaware of her kindness and consideration to him.

Jean felt gloomy about it because she still hadn't made up her mind regarding whether to share it with him or not.

With all these thoughts running wild in her mind, she lacked the same excitement as Ronald, who had already come over to them. She smiled lightly at Ronald and said, "Here you are!"

"Sorry, I am late. The traffic jam really got me hooked," Ronald explained.

Moore was shocked to see that Ronald was actually here. His eyes trembled at Ronald and Jean back and forth.

'Did I really misinterpret Jean's intentions?

She did come here to meet her schoolmate, ' thought Moore.

Ronald wasn't expecting to see Moore too. His smile froze when he saw Moore standing right next to Jean. However, he regained his composure very quickly and asked, "Jean, won't you introduce us?"

that so?" Moore saw how Ronald looked at Jean. Ronald's eyes were bright, and he couldn't refrain from smiling. Moore knew exactly what was going on in his mind. "Ronald, you seem to be a successful and good looking man. Girls must be crazy about you!" said Moore.

"Ah?" Ronald wasn't expecting Moore to give away those set of words which apparently felt like a compliment. He looked very surprising, and he shook his head with a shy smile. He responded, "You flatter me. I have just finished my master's degree. I was kind of a nerd at school, and I had myself focused on studies."

Moore suddenly realized that Ronald was Jean's classmate from primary school. He probably was about the same age as Jean. He should be 24 years old this year.

But he had already managed to attain his master's degree.

Moore felt a massive amount of respect for Ronald.

"What? Wait! Did you just say that you already have a master's degree?" Jean was so surprised that she had to double check on that.

She was almost failing in college, and on the other hand, Ronald had already earned a master's degree!

'God, you must be kidding me!' thought Jean.

"I did. I was planning to get my doctor's degree, but I didn't have the time. Due to some family issues, I had to take over my parents' business," said Ronald.

Uttering those words, he sighed.

'If it was not for the family issues, I probably wouldn't have set my mind on finding Jean.

But, why didn't I think about finding Jean first in the past?

There was no conflict at all between having further study and finding Jean.

Perhaps I just wanted Jean to see the best of me, ' thought Ronald.

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