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   Chapter 630 Repeat The Tricks

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 7602

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"Remember to leave work as early as possible today. And what is the color of the suit that you'll be wearing tonight?"

asked Jean excitedly as she ran up to Zed.

"What's wrong? Why are you asking me this all of a sudden?" asked Zed as he looked at Jean.

"You don't have to dress up so nicely tonight. Moore is the important one at tonight's party. Other people in the Bai family are all bastards. I'll make sure that Moore shines among the Bai family tonight," Jean declared solemnly.

"Come on, Jean! The reason you got up so early today was to tell me this?" Zed asked.

"Bingo! You have to dress up plainly. You can't dress up too well so that Moore feels inferior to you. Remember that! Well, you can go to work now! Be careful on the way! I love you!"

Jean warned Zed and then waved goodbye.

Zed was very embarrassed. He waved at Jean helplessly, then he opened the door of his car and drove away.

It was not until the car disappeared did Jean turn around to go back into the house. Then she ran upstairs happily.

She knocked on the door of the guest room. Jean was looking forward to seeing Moore open the door with a sleepy look because she thought that Moore might not be up yet.

To Jean's surprise, Moore opened the door. He was dressed up neatly. It seemed that he had been up since early morning.

"Oh my God! When did you get up?" Jean asked him surprisingly.

"As usual, I went out for a run. I took bath as soon as I came back and changed into these clothes. I was just planning to go downstairs for breakfast," said Moore as he looked at Jean.

"Do you go for a run every morning?" Jean was surprised by what Moore said. He had been living in Jean's house for such a long time, but she never knew that he got up early in the morning.

"You get up late every morning. So it's obvious that you don't know that I get up early in the morning. But this is weird! Why did you get up so early today? What are you planning to do?" asked Moore as he looked at Jean in confusion.

"I.." Jean felt awkward. But then she quickly responded, "I woke up early today because I wanted you to have breakfast with me."

"Well, I'd love to! Let's go downstairs now!" Moore did not ask any more questions. He nodded and followed Jean

the top of the stairs. Seeing her behave so rashly, he shook his head and laughed. "Jean, slow down! Don't run too fast. Be careful or you'll sprain your ankle again!"

"Don't worry about me," said Jean. They got to the dining room and had breakfast together. Jean quickly drank a little milk and ate the sandwiches. When she finished her breakfast, she stared at Moore to tell him that she was waiting for him.

Moore had just finished a glass of milk. When he saw Jean staring at him, he looked at Jean and said helplessly, "I'm done. Let's go!"

"You just drank a glass of milk. You should have something else too!" said Jean as she looked at Moore.

"No, I'm already full!" Moore nodded and said.

'You're staring at me like that. How am I supposed to be so shameless and eat anything more?' thought Moore.

Jean stopped persuading him. She picked up her bag and walked out excitedly.

Moore was doubtful. He couldn't seem to figure out why Jean looked happy.

'This is something serious! I should be cautious, shouldn't I?

Was the story about her classmate fake? Is she deceiving me? Does she have any other plans?' Moore thought doubtfully.

Moore became wary all of a sudden. He followed Jean to the Wanda Plaza.

"Jean, why did you ask your classmate to meet you here? This is a shopping mall," Moore looked at Jean and asked suspiciously.

'Shouldn't she have chosen some cafe or any other public place?

Why did she ask her classmate to meet her in a mall?' Moore thought.

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