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   Chapter 629 Are You Willing To Bring Shame On Me, Honey

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 8011

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"Don't be upset, Jean. We're still in the same city. We'll still be able to see each other," Moore said in an attempt to comfort the unhappy Jean.

"Fine. I have more free time on my hands than you anyway. I guess I'll use that time to check up on you then." Jean had finally accepted the fact that Moore was going to move out of the Qi Mansion no matter what they said. She nodded, giving up.

"That's settled then." Moore took a quick glance at Jean, but quickly averted his gaze. He wanted to say a lot of things to her but for obvious reasons, could't.

'I'm sorry, Jean. I have to leave this place.

If I don't, I'm scared to death that you'll see through me, that someday, you'll start to notice my feelings for you.

I can't even begin to imagine how you'll react once you find out I've been in love with you since the start.

I don't want to hurt you, nor do I want to put you in that situation.

That's why I've decided that if my leaving will ensure your happiness in the future, I'd gladly do it.

I just hope that without me, you and Zed will be happy forever!' Moore bitterly thought.

Zed was relieved that Jean didn't show any further resistance to Moore moving out, and that she didn't blame Zed at all. "So, now that you're moving out, what are your plans?" he shot Moore with a look of concern.

"Well, I did major in Business administration." Moore turned to Zed and smiled. "So, I'll probably find a job in a related field."

"Well, how about that? You can come to my company!" Zed invited him earnestly. "You don't even have to worry about anything. If you could come and help me with things at the company, I would have more time with Jean in the days to come. Since her belly is growing day by day, she'll need me to be there for her. So it'll really give me some peace of mind if you would be there to help me."

"That's right!" Jean nodded in agreement, a bit too excited. Her eyes visibly brightened and she said, "If you join Zed's company, it will not only help him, but you'll help me as well!"

"But..." Moore's face was red with embarrassment. He felt trapped. He was trying to slowly fade away from Zed and Jean's life.

But if he joined Zed's company, it would undo his efforts in leaving the Qi family.

"Please don't argue anymore. It's already settled!" Jean said, cutting off any potential protest from Moore. "I don't care

and the Bai family, he would have left H City, let alone stay in Gary's house," Zed went on to explain.

"So you mean Moore still has feelings for the Bai family, so he promised Hanley that he would attend the weekend dinner?" Jean asked with bright eyes.

"Well, you'll find out tomorrow." Zed smiled mysteriously at Jean and continued, "If you want to see what's really going on with Moore and the Bai family tomorrow, you'd better dress up nicely and go to that dinner with me."

"Great!" Jean answered in anticipation. Her face flushed with excitement. "I'll be waiting for you at home tomorrow. I'll dress up nicely and I definitely won't bring you shame!"

"Are you willing to bring shame on me, honey?" Zed asked with a devilishly handsome smile.

When Jean heard his question, she turned red as a tomato. She covered her face with the silk blankets and said, her voice quivering and muffled, "I'm going to sleep now. I won't talk to you anymore."

Seeing his wife's embarrassed reaction, Zed chuckled and climbed down the bed and went to take a cold shower in the bathroom.

The sun rose the next day, as it always has. The light poured forth the glass windows and gave Jean's sleeping face a radiant glow. Not soon after, she awoke.

She got up quickly as if in race against time, rushed to the shower, got dressed and ran downstairs.

Zed had just come to the porch near their bedroom. He heard his wife's voice, turned around and saw Jean's anxious face. He couldn't help asking, "What's wrong, dear? Why are you in such a hurry? You're sweating already! Be careful…"

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