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   Chapter 627 I Will Love You Forever

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7085

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A bitter smile appeared on Zed's face. He raised his eyes to look up at Jean.

She was frowning and staring angrily at Zed, still very annoyed with him. But Zed could tell that she was feeling heartache for him.

He felt his heart soften and he reached out to touch her face tenderly. "You... What am I going to do with you?" he said with a sigh.

Seeing the change in him brought a smile to her lovely face. "I know that you can't stay angry with me. But I still feel wronged by you when you get angry and accuse me of something that I am not guilty of."

"I wronged you?" Zed felt anger brewing in the pit of his stomach again. "So, did I misunderstand the reason why you didn't tell him that you were already taken?" he asked cynically.

"Tell him what? That I am your wife?" Jean deliberately answered him with a question.

"It seems that you are particularly unwilling for it to be known that you are a married woman!" Zed said provoking her further.

"That's not true! Of course I am willing to tell everyone that I am married. You have no idea how honored I am to be your wife!" She soothed as she tried to embrace Zed because he was acting like a spoiled child.

"Huh! I don't think so," he snorted as he rejected her embrace. "Then why didn't you tell your classmate this afternoon? Is your classmate from outer space? Why is it that he still doesn't know that you are my wife?"

Zed eyed Jean suspiciously as he shot more accusing questions at her.

"Of course he isn't from outer space. He just came back from Canada, so it's understandable that he has no idea that I am married," she explained. "I promise to tell him the next time that I see him," she said pleading with Zed. "Is that all right?" Jean asked trying to reassure him.

Zed thought for a moment about what she had said and relaxed a little.

He pulled her gently to him and held her in his arms. "Jean, I'm not that petty-minded. I wouldn't be jealous without a reason. You have no idea how anxious I become when I think of all the men that are around you," Zed spoke in a soft voice next to her ear.

"I think that you

ching our children grow up, marry and have their own babies. But in light of what we have been through over these past months, I am pretty sure that our lives won't be always going smoothly and peacefully."

Zed nodded in agreement after hearing her words.

Indeed, the last several months had been a very turbulent time for them both. There were many misunderstandings and loathing.

But the deep love and strong bond that they shared between them helped them conquer all of the trials and tribulations that came their way, and they came together again.

"I don't want us to be separated ever again by misunderstandings. Zed, I hope that you will trust and believe in me at all times. And if you ever find that you don't have feelings for me anymore, please tell me. I will stay out of your way and let you move on..."

Zed put his fingers to her lips to stop her from saying another word. "That is just foolishness. How can I not love you?" he said lovingly.

"I am just afraid that I may not be good enough for you and that you won't find me desirable anymore," he added.

"I will keep on desiring you for the rest of my life. I will love you even when I'm a grey haired grandmother!" Jean said as if she were swearing an oath.

Zed held her tightly and gently stroked her hair. "Jean, what has come over you today? You are quite different," he asked in a hoarse voice overcome with emotions.

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