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   Chapter 626 I Am So Disappointed With You

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 9673

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"Am I hallucinating things? Something tells me it is not as simple as you make it sound," said Jean. She looked at Zed and waited for an explanation.

Zed had the urge to tell her that it was indeed her illusion. He wanted her to believe that there was nothing wrong between Avery and Moore. Moreover, he hated it when she spent her time worrying about other's problems.

But when he noticed that she was staring at him with her innocent eyes, Zed couldn't muster up the courage to say it.

'Well..." Zed looked at Jean and tried to come up with an explanation. "Whether Moore likes Avery or not, this is his own business. This matter is about his life, so he should decide it by himself. It would be wrong for you to influence him. Jean, you have to understand our job is to watch rather than give opinion. We don't have the ability to force our opinions on others. Do you get the idea of what I am trying to say?"

"No, I don't get it!" Jean replied defiantly while she shook her head. "Are you asking me not to interfere in Moore and Avery's problem? If Moore really likes Avery, I will be the happiest person. But if Moore doesn't like Avery and is forced to see her because of us, then isn't it my business? Would you still feel that Moore's grievance will have nothing to do with us?"

Hearing Jean's words, Zed shook his head. He explained, "No, Moore is an adult now. He knows how to do things that are right for him. Why do you think he's going to force himself into doing something just to please us?" In truth, Zed knew Jean had a point and he marveled at her cleverness.

But he was still curious and wondered how she had figured it out.

Without any reason, Jean would never ask Zed such a question. Since she seemed skeptical about Moore and Avery's relationship, Zed was aware there must be a legit reason behind it.

"I don't think Moore will do anything he dislikes, yet I can't help feeling there is something wrong between his relationship with Avery. I don't think they are getting along as well as we have expected. Zed, please be honest and tell me what you think of this. I trust your judgement."

Jean expectantly looked at Zed for his point of view.

"Actually, no." Zed shook his head without any hesitation.

This time he didn't intend to give himself away like he did the last time.

"No? Well, if that's what you think. Maybe I have thought too much about it!"

Jean sighed with a trace of disappointment on her face when she heard Zed's answer. There was a tone of finality in his voice and Jean didn't want to push him.

'Maybe I am wasting my energy worrying about a problem that doesn't exist. I know Moore's temperament very well and he has no reason to do anything that he doesn't like.

We may be good friends, but he wouldn't take such a huge step to please me.

Moore really doesn't have a reason to do that, does he?' J

anners at all.

You are such a petty man, ' thought Jean.

Anger had consumed Jean and she found it hard to control herself. In a sour mood, she entered the house.

She changed her shoes in the hallway and walked into the living room. Looking around, she noticed that Zed was nowhere around.

Jean sighed helplessly and then she went upstairs to find him.

Shockingly, he wasn't present in the bedroom either. Now she understood that he must be in the study room.

There she found him sitting in his study. He was smoking with a gloomy look on his face.

Jean had no idea how many cigarettes he had smoked. His whole body was submerged in the white smoke.

Zed's handsome face was somewhat blurred yet she could detect traces of gloom on it.


Jean felt a sudden heartache when she saw this scene. She rushed up to Zed in a hurry and shouted his name with concern.

Zed slowly raised his eyes and saw Jean, yet he didn't utter a word. He just stared at her with an indifferent expression.

Deep down, she wanted to calm herself down. She slowly walked behind Zed, hugged him and said in a gentle voice, "I'm so sorry. Please don't get angry with me. I care only about you and our child. I wouldn't even dare to think about another man. He is just an old primary school classmate. We've been apart for fifteen years."

Zed sat there in silence with a burning cigarette in his hand.

Seeing Zed had broken down because of her, she felt guilty. "Zed, don't smoke anymore. I am really sad seeing you in this condition. You are my husband. We should trust each other, shouldn't we? Why do you doubt me?"

Jean released her hand from Zed's waist and walked in front. Then she stared at him straight into his eyes and said, "Are you going to keep silent? Do you know how harmful a secondhand smoke can be? Well, you can go on smoking then. You don't really care for me and our baby, do you?"

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