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   Chapter 625 He Wanted To Blackmail Us

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9355

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Adolf looked at Avery with a frustrated and anxious look. "What the hell, Avery? How can you say that I was buttering up Wade Wang? Besides, you are not certain if he even did it on purpose, but I'm pretty sure that he wanted to blackmail us. Honestly? If he just wants the money, then why not? It's no big deal, but what's making my blood boil is that he wants to ruin your reputation!

You know that we don't have any connection here in China to begin with, so I did what I had to do to stop him from destroying your reputation, or else it will be difficult for you to enter into the Chinese market," he explained, the frustration now gone and only anxiety appeared on his face.

Avery looked at him and stifled a sob. "But it was his fault! Why do you have to humiliate yourself this way? More importantly, I don't want you to… to kiss his ass to protect my reputation! If he wants to ruin it, then go ahead! Let him! I would never kiss his ass even if it's the last thing I should do on earth. So, Adolf, please, don't you ever do that. I already feel hurt for you doing this. It's like a knife being stabbed straight through my heart."

After Avery said this with a sob, she moved towards Adolf and embraced him tightly.

For a moment, Adolf was stunned, and then he started to feel embarrassed as Avery sobbed on his chest. He stood still, not knowing what to do.

It was only after a short while that he remembered he was holding the soup dumplings, so as soon as he realized this, he held the soup dumplings away from Avery, so as not to scald her.

As he witnessed the scene, Zed's face softened and he felt a wave of respect for Adolf surging inside of him.

It was obvious that Adolf truly cared for Avery that he even bought the soup dumplings just to please Wade.

What Adolf didn't understand was that the more he cared, the more trouble he might cause.

Moreover, adopting a mild tactic was futile to treat people like Wade.

He had to adopt a tougher way to even scratch the surface and intimidate Wade.

Then, Adolf realized Zed was there as well, so he immediately found his words. "Avery, let go. Zed is here, aren't you afraid that he will laugh at you when he sees you like this? More importantly, your boyfriend, Moore, might see us like this, and he might get upset again. Don't forget that today, when Wade mocked you…"

"Shut up, Adolf!" Avery immediately let go of Adolf. Her face was flushed red, and her eyes pierced at him with anger and embarrassment.

Adolf instantly stopped talking.

'Well, would you let me go if I hadn't said that?' He thought as he gave Avery a bitter smile.

When Avery tried to catch her breath and calm herself, Adolf realized something. His eyebrows immediately furrowed into a frown. "Speaking of Wade, you just made

hing wrong about the relationship between Moore and Avery. Then again, we see them together all the time, so we can't say that there is no love between them. Plus, Moore even got physical with someone just to protect Avery, when that's not even his temperament.

But if Moore really loves Avery, how can I not feel it?"

Zed's face turned serious as he pondered over what Jean had said. After a moment, he asked, "Why do you say that? This matter is between Moore and Avery. How can you know?"

Jean shook her head and replied, "I just… I don't know how to explain it, but I feel that way, you know?"

Jean then thought of the time when she told a joke to Moore about not laughing at him anymore, but instead of expecting a playful reaction, Moore looked extremely embarrassed.

He looked like he was misunderstood, and he didn't know how to clear things up.

Seeing his expression at that time, Jean had felt uncomfortable in return.

Of course, the uneasiness she felt came within herself.

'Did I do something wrong?

Was it a mistake that I tried to pair them up?' Jean thought.

Althought the answer was clear, Jean kept denying it as she was unwilling to accept the truth.

'Was Moore really just acting and pretending all this time?

Why did he have to do it if he didn't want to?'

Jean immediately shook these thoughts away as she started to feel ridiculous. Everything indicated that Moore was starting to fall for Avery, but then a strong intuition inside of her kept telling her otherwise.

She then started to suspect that she was about to be deranged, because how else would she feel that way?

As he looked at Jean's troubled face, Zed let out a sigh under his breath and said, "Jean, stop. There is nothing to worry about. You're probably just hallucinating things, because you keep overthinking about them. Relax, Jean."

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