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   Chapter 620 Drowned In Jealousy

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6399

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"Be careful? What do you think Ronald will do to me? Bully me? I'm no longer the girl that I used to be. Yes, I was easily bullied in the past, but it was at that time that Ronald became my good friend,"

said Jean and laughed.

"I meant that he doesn't treat you as a friend. It's way more than that,"

Maranda muttered.

"Maranda, no matter how he treats me, or how he feels about me, I am married. Is Zed not good enough for me? Should I get rid of him?"

Jean thought that Maranda was worrying for nothing. But Maranda said, "No, that is not what I meant!" Maranda panicked and looked up to Jean. She didn't know what to say.

"Fine, I was joking! I know that you didn't mean it like that, but I can't listen to you right now. Ronald is just a friend and nothing more. Even if you don't trust me, you should at least trust Zed's charm. You know, I'm so attracted toward my husband."

Jean blinked as soon as she finished talking.

Maranda sighed and said, "Of course I know your good relationship with Zed. That is why I'm telling you this. Men are cruel and mean, and Zed would be furious if he finds out that Ronald has feelings for you. So, if you ever meet Ronald, I suggest that you should take Zed with you! Or I'm afraid that you guys will have to go through the same thing as I and Ron did."

"If things turn out the way that you said they would, then Zed should've been really jealous of Moore when he was living with us." Jean felt absurd after she heard what Maranda said.

"What? Moore lives with you? In your house?" Maranda was shocked when she heard that Moore was living with Jean and Zed.

"Yes! He lives in my house. If you don't believe me, then you can come to my house later and meet him," said Jean as she nodded at Maranda.

Maranda looked at Jean and said after a little while, "I'm really confused right now! What is going on with you guys? Forget it! Just f

our wedding. We have already decided the day. It'll be the 20th of next month. You and Zed have to be there!"

said Maranda as she looked at Jean.

"Congratulations on deciding the date." Jean was excited. She continued, "Zed and I will attend it..."

Jean suddenly paused and looked at Maranda.

"What? Don't tell me that you can't make it! That's not okay! I won't let that happen!" exclaimed Maranda as she read the expression on Jean's face.

"Zed and I have to go to the Imperial Capital next month, I don't know if we can come back in time," Jean sighed helplessly and looked at Maranda. "If we make it back in time, we will definitely be there. I'll try my best!"

"What am I supposed to do with what you said?" Maranda had tears in her eyes as she continued, "I don't have many friends and it was not easy for me to get to know you. Now you can't even make it to my wedding?"

"Calm down! It is not confirmed yet, is it? I'll ask Zed when he gets home and we'll see if we can decide the date." Jean walked up to Maranda and comforted her.

"Jean, you have to be at my wedding!" Maranda grabbed Jean by her hand and begged. "If you don't make it to my wedding then it'll be ruined. I'll have regret in my life. I don't think you'll let me down, right?"

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