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   Chapter 614 You Got Me

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6723

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"Or what?" Zed asked in a threatening tone.

"Never mind, you won't understand." Jean didn't expect that her persuasion out of goodwill would make him even angrier. She told herself that it was best to stop talking.

Luckily, Avery and Moore came in at this moment, so Jean and Zed decided to stop and not make a scene. Once Avery and Moore settled down, their dishes were served and the lunch began.

Everyone at the table started to talk to one another with a warm hospitality. Some of the staff members went over to Zed and greeted him, even though they knew he was a cold person.

The lunch was quite pleasant. Some of the staff were excited to finally meet Avery in person.

Some consumed too much alcohol and they were confident enough to make a toast for Avery.

But when they attempted to they were stopped by either Adolf or Moore.

Jean was so delighted to be in this happy atmosphere that she couldn't stop smiling.

If there was anyone else who was at the center of attention other than Avery, it was Zed.

But the director got himself in a awkward position before the lunch. So everyone didn't dare to go overboard and offend Zed again.

After the lunch, most of the staff left first.

The first to leave was the director because he had to prepare for the shooting in the afternoon.

Jean became worried as she was watching the director leave.

When most of the staff had left, Jean looked at Zed and criticized, "Why are you giving the director a hard time? If he doesn't take your commercial seriously, you are the one who will suffer loss. Zed, why didn't you know to get along with your staff?"

Jean asked looking at Zed with a worried expression.

"You are overthinking things," Zed replied plainly.

"Yeah Jean, you shouldn't worry so much," said Avery with a smile on her face.

"What do you mean?" Jean looked at Avery with discontent.

"I haven't cooperated with the director before, but his fame is well known to me. They said he is one of the best direct

we know why you made this decision. But we never expected that you would hide it from us..."

'Adolf said everything!'

Avery thought and smiled bitterly. She couldn't blame anyone, it was her doing.

"I didn't mean to. I just don't want you all to worry about me..." Avery felt helpless as she explained.

"We know your consideration, but we don't accept this. If you shoulder everything yourself, it means that you don't consider us as your friends! Okay, you can't blame Adolf for telling us this. Because if he didn't tell us this today, the loss would be huge and we may regret all of this, "

Jean comforted.

"I'm sorry, I really didn't mean it." Avery looked at everyone apologetically. Then she looked at Moore worriedly with her teary eyes.

Moore saw her watching him piteously. He couldn't help but smile and shake his head.

The confusion on Avery's face was gone and she smiled back at Moore.

"It sounds like you have come up with an idea to deal with this?" Adolf asked. He didn't feel pleased at all. He had warned Jean but she didn't listen to him, and now Avery had misunderstood him.

But now when he heard Jean's words, he felt some hope of solving this matter.

"Yeah, Adolf, you're smart." Jean looked at Adolf favorably and then looked at Zed.

Zed noticed her gesture and nodded with a smile.

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