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   Chapter 613 My Husband Is The Best

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9271

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"You haven't even heard half of it." Jean, looking smug at the information she had, smirked at her husband. The luxury car moved and Jean fastened her seat belt. 'Safety First!' she thought. She looked at Zed and started to tell him what she knew from Adolf. Apparently, Avery wanted to develop her career in the Chinese market so she could stay in the country and spent more time with Moore. However, her entertainment company could not and would not allow it. So Avery, in distress that she would be separated from Moore, was thinking of quitting the business. Avery would sacrifice a lot for Moore.

Zed was driving as Jean went on and on about Avery's situation. He listened intently, never taking his eyes off the road even while listening to the distressing news.

By the time Jean finished her story, they were already halfway to the Hilton Hotel and Zed's eyebrows were already crinkled in worry.

Seeing her husband in such distress made her want to hug him tight. "Can you do anything about it? It's really alright. You don't need to move heaven and earth. I mean, even Adolf doesn't know what to do. I guess we just can't do anything about it. It's just a pity that Avery..."

Jean didn't finish, the sigh that followed completing the thought.

"Maybe, just maybe there's a way to save all of this. Let me see," Zed thought for a while and finally said. Jean just continued sighing after Zed spoke. He started to persuade her, "I've got this, Jean. I'll find a way. Don't worry."

"What else can you do, Zed?" Jean put a bitter look on her face. "I mean, it's easy if it was a domestic entertainment agency. I know you'd have a way around that. But it's not. We're talking about an international entertainment agency. Jesus, even Adolf who's known as the top manager in the showbiz industry can't do anything. Don't push yourself, Zed. We just have to leave it up to Moore at this point. If he doesn't want Avery to leave the business and lose all that she worked for, he has to find a way."

Zed looked at Jean in confusion before turning to focus on the road again. "Wait, you don't mean..."

"Exactly. I think the only way to save Avery's career is for Moore to leave China with her. As long as Moore is at Avery's side, she'll absolutely stop any intention of quitting the business." Jean's tone was bitter, her face visibly unhappy.

Zed sighed heavily. "I don't think that'll happen. I know Moore. He's a gentleman. Sometimes a bit too gentle. He can think for himself, is highly capable, and by no means a mediocre man. So, don't even think about pushing through with this idea!"

"I know Moore's a good man, but..." Jean saw Zed and felt his resolve against her idea, and she just opted to change the subject. "Enough of that for now. Let's

veryone stood up in respect, and the excitement was evident on their faces.

"Please, let's all sit down," Zed greeted the staff as he made his way towards his seat. "Do help yourselves to order whatever dishes you might like. It's my treat today." Zed gently pulled Jean's seat out in invitation for her to sit.

There was a scream of excitement from the crowd. Adolf, alarmed, looked around and asked, "Where's Avery? How come she isn't here yet?"

"She ought to be on her way here," Jean answered. "Moore's there with her, so rest assured." Jean smiled at Adolf as she spoke.

Adolf nodded, satisfied. He picked up the nearby menu and began ordering the dishes.

"Is this your wife, Mr. Qi?" the director asked, turning to look at Jean and then to Zed.

"Yes, she is my wife," Zed responded politely.

The director's clever eyes examined Jean, then beamed at Zed and spoke in an almost patronizing tone, "Mrs. Qi is truly a beautiful woman as they all say. No wonder the talk of the town here in H City is that you dearly love your wife."

Zed frowned upon hearing the remark.

Zed certainly didn't mind showing off his wife to others, but he definitely did not like hearing other men talking about his wife.

The director thought himself a clever man. He wanted to butter up Zed, so he thought complimenting his wife was a good move.

But the director thought wrong. He was about to say more but then he saw Zed's face twitch a little. To save himself from even more embarrassment, he just turned away and looked at the menu.

"What do you think you're doing?" Jean, feeling the odd tension between her husband and the director, pulled at Zed's arm and said. "There are a lot of people here! You should treat the director with respect. His staff can see everything. You don't want to embarrass him too much. Or else..."

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