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   Chapter 612 Your Hard Work Has Finally Paid Off

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6231

Updated: 2019-04-11 13:57

Moore looked at Adolf respectfully and after hesitating for some moments, he finally shook hands with Adolf.

Seeing this, Jean gave a satisfied smile.

All this while Moore was into himself and did not show clearly what he was feeling, but something had changed. Jean now saw Moore taking on his responsibilities towards Avery, almost as if he was officialy taking Avery on from Adolf.

Looking toward Avery who was on stage, Jean was deeply touched and she blessed Avery from her heart.

'Avery, do you know

your hard work has finally paid off?

Moore no longer just sticks by you as a friend but will be more responsible for you as a boyfriend, ' thought Jean.

"Finally, I'm relieved." Adolf managed to smile despite the sadness and sorrow in his heart. "Please take care of Avery. She is yours now," he said to Moore.

"I will." Just those two words were enough. Jean's heart lit up with happiness and excitement on hearing the confidence in Moore's voice.

"Please enjoy yourself. I shall take my leave." A sense of relief and loss took over Adolf as he bid farewell to Moore and rushed off quickly. He didn't want to show his conflicting emotions.

"God, it seems like he's really upset," Jean said with a sigh as she watched Adolf leave.

"It's only natural for him to feel a sense of loss. But I'm sure he'll recover soon," said Moore to Jean confidently.

"Yes, I think so." Jean smiled and then looked at Moore curiously. "Moore, did you agree to take care of Avery because you were touched by her efforts in this relationship? Or because you have begun thinking of her in an entirely new way after hearing Adolf's words?"

"Both, I guess. Honestly, I didn't expect Avery to have such strong feelings for me and I was touched. Today, she surprised me. That created a strong impression on me, and since then I have had a new imag

d talked to Adolf for a while." Jean's smiling face soon turned serious as the thought of the talk came to her. "Zed, there's something that I want to talk to you after we go home. Let's see whether you can figure out a way."

"Okay." Zed nodded and asked nothing further.

"Do you two want to go first? I'll be here waiting for Avery," asked Moore as he looked at Zed. "We can't let the director and the others wait."

"All right. Then we'll be waiting for you at the Hilton Hotel," replied Zed as he nodded at Moore.

"Okay, we'll be there soon." Moore walked over to Jean and whispered, "Jean, don't talk to Zed about Avery. I don't want to bother him."

"That's all right. Two heads are better than one," Jean looked at Moore seriously and said. "I won't stand it since I know it, irrespective of Avery being your girlfriend or not. I'm sure Zed can think of a better way."

"All right! Since you insist, I'll not say anything." Hearing Jean say in such a convinced voice, Moore couldn't help but sigh.

Jean gave him a reassuring smile and patted his shoulder before following Zed who was walking out of the film studio by now.

The moment she got into Zed's car, Zed asked, "What were you and Moore whispering about?"

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