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   Chapter 610 That Person Is You

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7331

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Adolf looked toward Avery with great affection and smiled as he began to speak again. "You know what first attracted me to Avery? It was her passion and persistence. She became known to everyone through the talent show. Competing among tens of thousands of other extremely talented contestants, she won first place. However, I could tell that she wasn't happy.

A long time had passed after that; I asked her what her intention for participating in the talent show was. She told me she wasn't pursuing fame or money, nor did she enjoy the pleasure or glory of being in the spot light. The reason she did it all, was just for the one person. And that person is you, Moore."

"Me?" Moore was both shocked and bewildered.

Jean didn't understand Adolf's meaning either. She fixed her eyes on Adolf's face with curiosity.

"That's right. She did it all for you. She told me once that she was secretly in love with a person, but never dared to confess to him. She was afraid of telling him about her feelings because he had a miserable childhood and was a sensitive person. She always felt sad for him, for what he had experienced in life. However, she felt she wasn't good enough to be the person who could stand by his side, to give him the comfort, support and encouragement that he needed.

The person that she cared so much for, never even noticed her..." Adolf's voice trailed off for a moment. "Though there was one time she badgered you and made you teach her Chinese," he said with a quiet laugh and then has face turned serious again. "That was the only time she had the courage to approach you and that was all the courage she had in her. After that, she didn't dare cross the line. All she did was watch and admire you from afar.

After graduation, you drifted apart and your paths never crossed. So she decided to enter the competition and was determined to win so she could be in the limelight for all to see her, but especially you. If only you could have turned your head back, you would have seen her there, waiting for you and never giving up on you. However, the more intense her love was for you, the more frightened she was of approaching you.

She never intended to p

an was shocked and touched by these words. She watched Adolf admiringly.

Moore couldn't help turning back to watch Adolf with a complicated expression.

"Don't look at me like that. I meant what I said. I won't bother Avery," Adolf explained after he read Moore's expression.

"I trust you! I know you are also the same kind of person. You would sacrifice everything for Avery. It is all destiny. You met her too late. Moore had already occupied Avery's heart before you. Your love is not shared," Jean said sympathetically.

"You don't have to comfort me. I knew how Avery felt about Moore before I started having feelings for her." Adolf looked at Jean and sighed softly, "I don't expect much. I am content just to be close to her."

"Adolf, you are so great and noble!" exclaimed Jean.

Adolf shook his head and sadness crept to his face. "No, I am in fact very selfish. So many times, I had wished that she could be with me and never leave me. However, it is impossible now."

And then he turned to watch Avery. His eyes flashed with reluctance and regret.

"Impossible? Why? You can always be her manager. Did Avery tell you anything?" Jean suddenly understood something when she saw Adolf's expression and she asked immediately.

Before Adolf could answer Jean, Moore was smart enough to understand it and asked Adolf, "Yesterday, Avery asked me to wait for her for three months. I think it must have something to do with this, right?"

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