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   Chapter 609 Where Is Mr. Qi

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7031

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"You are here!" The expression on Adolf's face remained the same, but he looked at Moore sharply as if he was able to see through Moore. With a single gaze, he seemed to be trying to analyze Moore completely.

Jean, on the other hand, was surprised to see that Adolf was aware that they were coming. "Did you know that we were coming?" she asked, startled.

"Avery informed me yesterday," Adolf replied curtly. Now his eyes were turned to Jean and with a smile on his face, he asked, "Where is Mr. Qi?"

"He is working right now." Jean smiled at Adolf and continued, "I thought you'd be at the hospital with Albert."

"He is recovering very well and will be soon out of the hospital. Today is the first day of Avery's filming so there are some things that I will have to take care," explained Adolf. Promptly, he looked at one of the staff members and signaled for something. The man immediately took the hint and came towards them.

"Hello, what can I do for you?" The staff member seemed to know Adolf quite well and spoke in a polite tone.

"Go and get us two chairs and some beverages..." Adolf demanded.

"No, no... that won't be necessary, Adolf. We came here for watching, so there is no need to take any trouble for us," Jean said sincerely. She really didn't intend to become an inconvenience.

"Don't be so formal. The condition here is limited so this is all I can provide you with." Then Adolf shifted his gaze to the staff member. He nodded and signaled the staff member to do as he ordered.

Swiftly, the staff went inside to get it.

Seeing the scene in front of them, Jean and Moore looked at each other and an awkward smile was shown on their faces.

"I am only here to watch Avery perform. My curiosity made me want to watch it. I didn't think it would cause you too much trouble."

Jean peered at Adolf with an apologetic face.

"No no... this is not a trouble for me," Adolf comforted. "You are Avery's friends, and besides, you are Mrs. Qi. We should make sure that you are being taken care of properly," Adolf added with a smile.

Jean realized that Adol

Jean thought for a while and nodded in agreement.

"You guys continue. I will be off working," said Avery when she watched her assistant glancing at her to resume work.

"Go ahead! We will be waiting for you here," Moore then encouraged Avery to get back to work.

A lovely smile bloomed on Avery's face and she finally waved at everyone before walking onto the stage.

"I've never seen Avery so happy." Adolf looked at Avery and murmured seeing her spirit. It seemed like he was lost in his thoughts.

Jean, who had always seen Avery happy, felt a little shocked. "Was Avery not happy in her past?" she questioned.

To her, Avery hadn't seemed like someone who was sentimental.

Jean assumed Avery was always energetic and cheerful.

The idea of her being any different never crossed her mind.

"It's not that she was not happy but it was never like today. This happiness is coming from the bottom of her heart. I seldom see her like this and now I finally understand why she never liked those gentlemen who always tried to get her attention."

Adolf couldn't help but sigh.

"Why is that?" Jean asked not understanding what Adolf was trying to say.

"Because Avery always had one guy in her mind. It's because of him that she could reach the position she is in now. And now I know that guy is Moore. Moore is Avery's first love and she still loves him like she always did."

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