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   Chapter 608 A Happy Woman

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6979

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Zed saw that Jean had already dressed up and put on light makeup.

"Did you put on makeup? It seems that you are very happy about this activity. Avery seems really important to you," Zed concluded as he went to the bathroom.

He thought, 'I know you want Moore and Avery to have more chances to see each other. But you are not the main character today. Why are you so excited?'

"Before you say anything, I must tell you that I will go to the company today but I won't be able to go to the studio with you. You'd better ask Toby to go with you,"

Zed reminded Jean.

"Why?" Jean asked in surprise as she stood by the door.

"I have to handle some paperwork at the office. As for the whole commercial thing, some workers from my company are taking care of it," Zed explained vaguely as he freshened himself up in the bathroom.

"I will go there today but have you ever thought of being there for me? You do know that Avery is Moore's girlfriend, right? I will be the only one who'll be left alone," Jean replied sadly.

"Don't worry about that!" Zed spat the water out of his mouth and turned around to look at Jean. Then he continued, "I'm sure that you won't be alone today. Avery won't spend too much time with Moore today."

"Why?" Jean looked at Zed in amazement and asked. "You mean that Avery will get busy with the commercial?"

"Yes! Avery is the lead and she surely will have many workers around her. Everyone is working really hard for the commercial. They have to finish it within the given time. So if Moore and you want to talk to Avery today, you will have to wait until she gets a break. Well, anyway, it'll be good as you can visit Avery along with Moore rather than staying at home,"

Zed comforted Jean as he came out of the bathroom. He patted her on the shoulder and continued, "Come on! Don't let your imagination run wild. If it gets boring, then you can come meet me at my office."

"Okay!" As Jean heard Zed's words, she nodded. Then she said cheerfully, "It was my plan from the beginning to make Moore look at Avery when she is working. I


Even though Avery is my girlfriend, I will never get jealous of the men around her.

I know that she is working right now."

Moore still knew that Jean was trying to change his mood.

"It's great that you understood!" Jean blushed as soon as she realized that Moore clearly understood what she meant to do.

While they were talking, a young man, dressed as an assistant, walked towards them with two bottles of water in his hand. He asked, "Excuse me, do you need some water?"

"Thank you!" Jean took one bottle from him. When she saw Moore standing there, she took the other bottle and handed it to him. "Here you go!"

When Moore looked at the water bottle in Jean's hand, he said, "I am not thirsty!"

"You have to take this even if you are not thirsty. Don't you know that he is Avery's assistant? You are Avery's boyfriend, so you will get special treatment. And, I also have to thank you,"

Jean teased Moore as she unscrewed the cap of the bottle.

Moore smiled bitterly as he heard what Jean had said.

Suddenly there was chaos at the entrance.

As they shifted their gaze to the entrance, they saw a familiar face. It was Adolf.

He looked at Avery and smiled satisfactorily. It seemed that he was really proud of Avery.

As Adolf looked at Jean and Moore, his smile disappeared for a little while. But then he smiled again and walked towards them.

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