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   Chapter 607 It's Better To Confess

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8933

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"Don't mind Moore and Avery's business anymore? Of course, I don't want to care about them, but you just played a trick to force Moore to see Avery work for the ad shoot with you again," Zed laughed reminding her.

"I'm curious about Avery's daily life, so I do hope to see how Avery works. But indeed I have some other reasons for Moore to accompany me there. You know that it's only been one day since they made their relationship official. Besides, Avery is a shy girl. She doesn't know how to make the most of her special features to attract a man. So I was creating one more opportunity for them to get along with each other. Besides, Moore can have a chance to get to know Avery better," Jean said with a smile.

"What can I say to that? You're just too considerate." Zed smiled and reached up playfully tapping Jean on the nose with his finger. "Tell me frankly, where have Moore and Avery been? Don't tell me that they just go out to have their moments. I won't buy that."

"Well, I know that I couldn't hide anything from you," Jean replied jokingly. Jean's face suddenly was serious and she let out a deep sigh. "Avery went back with Moore and they want to inform Adolf the news about their relationship. I support their decision. They should tell Adolf truthfully, and it doesn't matter whether he agrees with it or not."

"Do you think Adolf will be happy for them?" Zed frowned with concern.

"I'm not sure. I know very little about Adolf, so I don't know how he will react. But I do think he is a very calculating man. Just think about it, Avery works with him for so long and they are together almost every day. If Albert hadn't told us that Adolf is fond of Avery, then Adolf would have kept his feelings for Avery a secret for a very long time. It's so terrible that Avery was totally unaware of his feelings for her. So I think Adolf is by no means a tolerant and simple man. If Moore and Avery keep hiding their relationship from him and Adolf finds out the truth himself, who knows what he would do. That's why I think that it's best that Avery tells Adolf everything herself," Jean explained.

"I agree with you that Adolf is a calculating man. But I don't think that they should tell Adolf the news just yet." Zed's frown deepened at Jean's words.

"Why?" Jean looked at him surprised and asked with a thoughtful expression on her face.

"I can't see through Adolf, either. But Albert isn't reliable. Remember what he did? I don't trust him. Indeed, Avery has been working with Adolf for several years and they have earned each other's trust, so he wouldn't do anything to hurt her. But it is hard to tell whether or not Adolf will accept

ut this, okay?" She said in a small voice. "I'm going to have a shower."

Jean struggled to get out from under Zed.

Zed didn't want her to leave just yet. He held her hands tightly and forced her to look up at him. "I know what you are afraid of, baby. I assure you that I will control myself," he said in a husky voice.

Zed looked at her for a moment and then released her hands. He got up from the bed and went into the bathroom.

Jean looked at the light in the bathroom with a pained and helpless expression on her face.

She understood that Zed was trying hard to control his lustful desire. She also understood how anguished and depressed he had become.

But she was pregnant now and there was no other choice but to be patient and wait.

No matter how miserable he felt, he had to endure it.

He spent a long time in the bathroom taking a cold shower. When he did finally come out, he saw that Jean had already fallen asleep.

Zed looked frustrated and disappointed. With a bitter smile, he pulled the quilt cover over her. He climbed into bed next to her, pulled her into his arms and fell asleep.

The next morning Zed was woken up by Jean.

He opened his eyes, blinking to try to focus, and his mind was blank for a few seconds.

But when he saw Jean's smiling face, Zed suddenly was wide awake. He looked at Jean. "Why are you up so early today, baby?" he asked yawning.

"Today I'm going to see Avery working for the ad shoot, so of course I need to be up early. I want to go with you," she said excitedly.

When he realized he was running late, he got up in a hurry. Jean was in a good mood and called out cheerfully, "Go to the bathroom to wash. Be quick. I'm ready to go."

Hearing Jean's words, Zed turned and looked her up and down.

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