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   Chapter 606 Let's Live Our Own Life

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6643

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The purpose of Moore doing so was quite transparent to Zed.

What Zed was worried about, was that the situation got more and more complicated as things went further.

He was afraid that things would get out of control in the end.

But Jean and Avery were both pleasantly surprised by Moore's reply. They looked at each other delighted with bright smiles on their faces.

Moore looked bakc at Zed and a hint of smile appeared on his face.

Zed didn't see any sign of sadness in Moore's eyes. He could do nothing but return a smile back at Moore.

The atmosphere in the room became more lively.

Jean and Avery excitedly whispered to each other, talking about things that only known to them.

Zed grew bored so he walked out into the garden and took out a cigarette from his pocket. The thought of Jean and the baby in her belly stopped him from lighting it up. He smiled bitterly and was about to throw away the cigarette.

"Give me that!" Moore walked up behind Zed and took the cigarette from his hand. He lit the cigarette and blew out a puff of smoke.

"I didn't know you smoke," said Zed in surprise

Moore was a role model, elegant and polite. Smoking was something Zed had never thought to see him doing.

"There is much you don't know about me. Zed, don't think too highly of me, you will be disappointed." Moore looked at Zed, and all of a sudden, a touch of sorrow showed on his silky face.

"Moore..." Zed looked at Moore, feeling somehow odd, and asked, "Did you agree on dating with Avery because of Jean?"

Moore didn't expect that Zed would ask him a question like that. He paused and thought about Zed's question then he took a deep breath and asked, "Do you want that to be the answer?"

"No, of course not." Zed shook his head and looked at Moore. "I hope that you can accept Avery with all of your heart and that you truly embrace your relationship with her."

"As you wish, your hopes are the same as mine." Moore finished his sentence then

ou think? Avery is leaving our home tomorrow, so of course they should cherish every minute to have their moments." Jean rolled her eyes at Zed but smiled happily.

'Have their moments?'

Zed felt this phrase so misplaced for Moore and Avery!

But anyway, now that they were together, Zed felt kind of happy for them.

"Jean..." Zed looked at Jean and asked, "What were you talking about with Moore before our meal? You looked so happy."

Jean felt surprised and then said with a bitter smile, "After you told me about Moore not being happy with everything, I felt terrible then I went to talk to Moore about that."

Zed looked at Jean in surprise when he heard this.

Then he thought about what he and Moore just talked about. He finally understood.

"As you can see, Moore did not only convince me but also asked me not to worry. He said that he would give him and Avery a go and see how it went. If it didn't work out as expected, he wouldn't force things and waste Avery's time. Hearing that, I finally felt relieved in my heart.

I originally wanted to do this out of good will. And Moore knew what I was thinking and tried hard to give himself and Avery a chance. I am really happy for his consideration for me. So, Zed, let's not mind their business anymore. Let's live our own life now," said Jean.

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