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   Chapter 605 Just Be Yourself

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 10300

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"Okay," Moore spoke as he nodded towards Avery's way. Then they entered the dining room together.

The room was incredibly ornate and not to mention, huge. China plates decorated the shelves and expensive liquor adorned the top shelves. The windows were covered by deep red drapes, only letting in just the right amount of sunlight. On the round table at the center of the room were various steaming Chinese dishes - all favorites of Jean.

With no hesitation, Jean immediately sat down on one of the tall, wooden chairs placed around the table and began to dig in with gusto.

In between bites of Mapo Tofu and wonton, Jean casually glanced at Moore. At first she thought nothing of it, but as she observed more, she could't help but notice Moore was eating with not a care in the world. Meanwhile, Avery, who sat right beside him, was visibly having a hard time using chopsticks. Mainly because she grew up using knives and forks.

As Jean kept glancing, there was still no change. Moore still looked like he didn't notice that Avery was struggling. "Jesus, Moore, can you be more insensitive? Look at your girlfriend! Do you think she's enjoying the food as much as you?"

Everyone at the table was stunned at Jean's words. Jean knew Moore didn't love Avery - it was so obvious. But he should at least be more considerate since Avery was his girlfriend now. Moore couldn't help but look at Avery, who was blushing in embarrassment and was glaring at Jean for her remark.

Avery realized Moore's eyes were on her. She quickly reined in her emotions, put on an awkward smile and waved it off with a hand. "I'm okay. Don't worry about me."

Moore winced slightly. Ignoring what she said, he gently asked, "Is there anything in particular you want to eat? I'll help get it for you, Avery."

Not expecting the kind gesture, Avery quickly responded, "I eat everything! I'm not really a picky eater, but I'd love it if you give me the food you like. I think I'll like them as well."

There was an awkward silence. Moore was quite taken aback by the unexpected care in Avery's tone. In a soothing, weak voice, he said, "Avery, you don't have to worry about what food I like. There is not a couple in the world who don't experience a bit of disagreement with the things that they like, so please, don't worry about me. I want to give you what you like."

"Uhm, I don't think you understand," Avery said, clearly embarrassed. "I rarely eat Chinese food, and I know that you definitely eat it more than I do. Since I have a lot of trust on your taste, I think I'd like the foods you like too. It's not that I'm just being nice to you, nor do I want to force myself on what food you like. I just thought that 'Hey, if Moore doesn't like this, then a lot of people probably don't as well'. If ever that happens, I promise I'll say so."

While munching on some wrapped Peking Duck with Hoisin Sauce, Jean's heart swelled with pride at Avery after hearing what she said.

'This girl. She really wants Moore to understand her and at the same time get past his defenses.


Since I've realized what you're trying to do, I'm sure Moore has too.'

Little did they know, Avery was also caught on. Judging from the playful smiles and small almost telepathic messages Jean and Zed were exchanging, even Moore's flushed expression, she knew what Jean was trying to do. With painstaking effort and blushing cheeks, she pleaded, "Jean, it's okay. You can come alone. Moore hasn't completely recovered yet. I don't think letting him come is a good idea, right?"

Jean, panicking that her scheme would be found out, hastily asked, "Why shouldn't he tag along? I need a bodyguard since you said I was public enemy number one, right?

And besides, my foot is still a bit sore."

Jean, frustrated inside, thought to herself, 'What are you doing, Avery?

I was worried about Zed ruining it, but I never expected you to throw me under the bus!

Can't you see I'm doing this for you? I want Moore to spend more time and actually get to know you better!'

Seeing that Jean was visibly unhappy, Moore abruptly stood up and said, "Alright, why not? Let's go and see Avery in that advertisement shoot tomorrow."

Jean and Avery were dumbfounded, jaw dropped almost comically. They all just stared at Moore for a few seconds.

"Why? Is there something wrong?" Moore broke the silence and asked.

Both of the women, clearly flushed, answered in sync, "No, nothing. Of course not!" But Avery stuttered at the last syllable. She was visibly embarrassed and flushed in excitement all at the same time.

Who knew Vikki, the Internationally famous star, was just a girl who blushed way too easily.

"Are you sure about this, Moore? Do you promise?" Jean asked almost carefully. She wanted to confirm if Moore was really committed.

"Is it such a weird occurrence that I promised to go see my girlfriend on one of her shoots?" Moore intently looked at Jean.

"No... no. Of course not," Jean quickly recovered from the surprise and answered.

Zed, who was listening at the sidelines, was trying to examine and see through Moore.

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