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   Chapter 603 What Else Do You Want Me To Do

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8622

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Avery had spent the whole day with Moore.

For her, this was the happiest and most excited day in the past years. It was all because of Moore.

He was a true gentleman and a considerate boyfriend. No matter what she wanted, he would always try to help her achieve it. He knew how to care about her and make her feel special.

Many girls had hoped and dreamed of becoming his girlfriend when they were in university. Avery was no exception. She used to imagine how wonderful it would be if she was Moore's girlfriend.

Avery was pretty sure that Moore was the perfect man for her.

And today, her dream had finally come true. She was Moore's girlfriend!

Even though she was thrilled, she couldn't help but feel a little uneasy and strange around him today.

Last night, they had made it official and became a couple, Moore was truly her boyfriend. He was everything a girl could want in a boyfriend.

However, no matter how much attention Moore gave her or how thoughtful he was toward her, Avery was pretty sure that Moore had not fallen in love with her, yet.

The reason why Moore decided to be her boyfriend was because he was moved by the deep love she had shown him.

It was obvious to her that Moore didn't share the same feelings for her as she did for him. That's why Avery couldn't understand why he pampered and treated her so well.

In fact, she felt a little confused about Moore's change of attitude, but she couldn't quite figure out the reason why she was feeling that way.

Jean noticed that Avery seemed to be upset and she immediately figured out that it must be because of Moore. She turned to look at him.

Moore was sitting on the sofa with his right hand holding his head. He was lost in deep thought.

Jean felt sorry for Moore when she thought about how hard Moore had tried to be happy in front of them.

Jean noticed Avery leave the room to go to the washroom, so she walked over to Moore.

Moore heard someone approaching him and quickly plastered a fake smile on his face. But when he looked up and found that it was Jean, the smile on his face froze for a second. Then he grinned widely and asked, "I heard that you went to the hospital to see Joy today?"

"Yes." Jean looked at Moore with fixed eyes. She could see right through his facade and knew he was just pretending to be happy.

"What's wrong?" He felt her staring at him and raised his eyebrows questioningly at her.

"Moore, I've noticed that you haven't stopped smiling since you came back from your date," asked Jean as she came closer to him. "Did you hav

Moore was not enjoying his time with her. There was still a huge wedge between them. It was obvious to her that he only did it out of politeness.

And now, he seemed really happy. He was more content with Jean and the smile on his face was genuine.

Avery was greatly hurt by what she saw. She closed her eyes in anguish.

During Moore's stay in Chicago, Avery had been keeping a close eye on Moore. She noticed that he had very few female friends. He liked to hang out with the boys and often spent time with several of his good buddies.

When he came back to H City, he made a couple more friends, including Zed and Jean. Unexpectedly, he even moved into the Qi Mansion to live with them.

From what Avery knew about Moore, it was highly unlikely for him to move in and live with any of his friends.

He was used to living alone and he didn't trust others that easily. Even with friends that he had known for many years, he wouldn't stay overnight at their homes, let alone live with them.

But it seemed that he had full trust in Zed and Jean.

'What could all of this mean?

Moore and Jean? They couldn't...'

Avery's face turned ashen. She shook her head heavily, shocked by the guess of it in her mind.

As Zed descended the flight of stairs, he saw Avery standing at the entrance of the living room and she didn't look well. "Avery, what are you doing here?" he asked with concern.

"Zed..." Avery turned to him and grabbed his hand. There was a helpless expression on her face. "I... Can we talk now?"

Zed looked at Avery with a puzzled look, wondering why she was behaving so oddly.

He nodded his head and said, "Of course. I'd love to. What would you like to talk about with me?"

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