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   Chapter 602 I Might Be Wrong

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9566

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All of a sudden, Jean fell silent.

She was a pretty smart woman, so with the help of Zed's thoughts, she immediately understood without any further questions.

Her face then dropped and turned pale at the veracity of what she had done. After a moment, she looked at Zed uneasily and asked in a hushed tone, "Zed, was it really my fault?"

Zed looked at her and asked, "Well, what do you think?" He didn't want to answer directly, knowing that Jean could accept it better this way.

Jean spared another moment to think about it again. She wanted to shake her head no, instead she nodded and said, "I think I might have done something wrong."

She sighed helplessly and lowered her head in melancholy.

Zed embraced Jean and rubbed her back gently. "It's okay, baby. Don't be sad. You did it out of good will. It's just that Moore…"

He paused, hesitating to continue.

Jean noticed this sudden pause and looked up at Zed. "It's just that what? What's with him?"

Zed thought about it for a moment and said, "Well, you know, Moore has someone else in his mind and heart right now. No matter how hard Avery tries, it would be difficult for her to make him fall in love with her. That's why I stopped you from pairing them up. But then, I was surprised, and it was honestly out of my expectation that Moore agreed to date with Avery. Nontheless, what's done is done, and the things have already taken place, so you shouldn't over think about it."

He sighed and smiled at Jean, trying to comfort her.

Jean sighed as well. She leaned on Zed's chest and said, "I was too naive and stupid. I thought I was doing Moore a favor, but instead, this whole thing trapped him in a dilemma. For sure, he only agreed to date with Avery just to make me feel happy and satisfied. I suddenly feel guilty and sad that he was wronged." Jean paused to look up at Zed once more and asked, "Zed, what do you think I should do to make it up to him? Do you think it's too late for me to fix this tangled situation?"

Zed sighed again and looked at Jean before shaking his head. "I'm afraid that there is nothing you can do. Unless... you want to ruin Avery's happiness. I also have a part in this, Jean. I knew I should have stopped you yesterday, but I just let you because I thought that no matter how much you encouraged him, he would never say yes. To my surprise, he did. But like I said, the dice is cast, and there is no other way to save this situation. I think it's best that we should just wait and see how it goes."

"But I…" Jean started, not knowing what to say. She then buried her face on her hands in misery and said, "But I still can't help but feel sad and guilty of how Moore is forcing himself into things because of me. I will never mess around anymore and make sure that I think about my words and actions before doing anything."

"It's good th

"Thank you, Jean," Avery said. A happy smile appeared on Avery's face before she added, "If it wasn't for your help and persistence, Moore and I would not be in a romantic relationship now. I really appreciate and am grateful to what you have done for me even though we just met and haven't really known each other that much. With that, I feel really fortunate to have met you."

Jean was moved by this, making her eyes sparkle, and her face beam. "Me too. The pleasure is all mine, as well," Jean replied.

For a moment, both of them shared a silent look filled with huge smiles on their faces and sincerity and appreciation coming from the bottoms of their hearts.

After a while, Avery broke the silence and asked, "Jean, if you don't mind, can I ask a question?"

Jean nodded at Avery and asked back, "Sure, what is it?"

"Do you have an idea who the girl is? You know, the one Moore loves?" Jean's smile dropped. She was caught off guard by Avery's question.

She never expected that Avery would throw her this question at this very moment, but seeing Avery's burning gaze, Jean was instantly pulled back to her senses, regaining her composure. With a weak and bitter smile, she replied, "Honestly, I also don't have any idea. Moore had never brought this girl up, and I didn't know her existence until recently, so I wasn't able to ask him before."

Jean told Avery the truth. She only knew that there was in fact another and unknown girl, because of her series of speculation and finally the words from Moore's mouth.

Avery looked at Jean's eyes, trying to gauge whether or not she was telling the truth. When she found no hints of a lie, a look of frustration showed on Avery's face.

Jean noticed the look on Avery's face and asked, "Why? What's wrong? Why did you ask, Avery?"

Avery shook her head and mustered up a weak smile before answering, "Nothing. I was just curious."

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