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   Chapter 601 Covered In Quilt And Chatted

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6200

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"Oh, I didn't notice it until you asked. It was just a couple of days that I felt uncomfortable but now I feel much better," said Jean as she saw Zed lie down by her side. She got closer to Zed, put her arms around him and sighed, "It would be so good if you could stay here with me every day!"

"Is that so?" asked Zed as he looked at Jean and smiled.

"Not really!" Jean shook her head and continued, "I know that staying at home all day suffocates you. I just want you to stay at home more often instead of working and stressing yourself out. Look at you! You look so thin now! Let me ask Zelda to cook for you some chicken soup."

Jean sighed as she touched Zed's face.

"I'm okay! Don't worry about me!" Zed grabbed her hands and smiled bitterly. "I never expected that one day I would be skipping work to stay at home so that I can keep my wife company. Look at me! Staying in bed, covered in a quilt and having a lovely chat with my beloved wife!"

"Zed!" Jean blushed as soon as she heard what Zed said. She replied, "What about our baby? Why do you keep forgetting about our baby?"

Then Jean touched her belly and smiled.

As Zed saw Jean's expression, he pulled Jean in his arms and said in a low voice, "Yes, it's three of us now. Thank you, Jean, for making me so happy."

"Zed, I should thank you for giving me a complete home,"

Jean replied emotionally.

Zed held her tight.

Jean got closer to Zed because Zed's scent made her feel safe. She closed her eyes and got lost in thoughts.

They held each other tight to keep each other warm.

As time passed, the sound of Jean breathing made Zed smile.

As Zed let go of Jean, he saw her smiling sweetly in her sleep.

Zed's heart skipped a beat. He couldn't help but lean forward and kiss her on her forehead.

Then he laid her down on the bed gently and put a qu

s not from the bottom of his heart.

Which actually meant that Moore was faking everything so that people did not notice what he was feeling.

Zed's heart tightened and he opened his mouth to stop Jean from saying anything else, "Jean, I'm starving! Didn't you say that you would ask Zelda to make me chicken soup? Let's go to the kitchen, just you and me, shall we?"

Jean looked at Zed surprisingly.

Zed only went to the kitchen when he was really hungry.

Jean nodded and looked at Avery. She said, "I will tell you later. Zed is hungry! I have to go to the kitchen with him to see if there is anything to eat."

"Alright!" Avery nodded. Both Zed and Jean left.

"Jean, I want you to not get in between Moore and Avery anymore. Didn't you notice that something is wrong with Moore today?" asked Zed as soon as they entered the kitchen.

"What do you mean? What's wrong with Moore? I see him smiling all the time, isn't he happy?" asked Jean as she stopped looking for food.

"According to your knowledge to Moore's personality, do you think Moore is the kind of person who smiles all the time? Just now, what was so funny that made him smile like that? Do you really think that is normal?"

Zed asked helplessly.

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