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   Chapter 599 I Am Ready

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7078

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The nurse on the other end of the line cut into the subject and asked.

After hearing this, Jean exclaimed, "What? Joy is in a coma right now?" Her face changed dramatically as her voice trembled with uncertainty. "She…"

"Take it easy. She'll wake up soon, but the patient has no will to survive, so we hope you can come and give her some encouragement to live…"

"I'm sorry. You must be mistaken. Joy and I are not in good terms, so I'm not sure if I can help her," Jean interrupted before the nurse could finish.

"It's not my business to know what kind of relationship you have with her. But I assumed you know she won't live longer since you didn't ask me about her illness. If it's indeed true, can you forget the hate? She only kept your phone number all this time. Doesn't that explain everything?"

The nurse's voice became hostile yet persuasive at the same time.

"I..." Jean could't think of words to say. She forced a weak smile and let out a deep breath. "Okay! I'll be right there!"

Jean hung up the phone with a scornful look on her face.

'The only reason Joy didn't delete my number is because she has no one to turn to.

Look at her family, Winner is dead while Shirley is in prison. And Henry is still annoyed by what she did to him and my mother.

So who else can she contact with except me?

And in the end, in Joy's remaining moments, it is only me whom she can turn to, even though I'm the last person on earth Joy would think of and like to see, ' thought Jean.

Accompanied by Toby, Jean went to see Joy. A pungent hospital smell enveloped her as she entered Joy's ward.

Although, Jean had no feelings for Joy except hate, she was shocked to see Joy lying on the hospital bed with such a pale face. She looked frail and old from her pathetic state.

'Only few days have passed, probably ten days after Joy was forced to tell the truth inside Henry's hospital room. But what happened since then? Why did she grow so thin?'

Jean's heart beat faster as she looked at Joy's old, sunken face. In her mind, she recalled a young and vibrant Joy, full of hate and how Joy

cere with your apologies. But now, you must have a rest!" Jean said, as she was feeling a little bit uncomfortable in the ward and eager to leave.

"Jean..." Joy reached for Jean's hand to stop her from leaving as she longed to ask Jean a question, "You… Don't you hate me?"

"You should know my answer. Yes, I hated you. I could have forgiven anyone except you. Because of you, I had to bear a miserable childhood. You took my mother away from me and it's only in my dreams that I get to see her and embrace her. Because of you, I always have a gaping hole in my heart…"

Jean blurted out as she turned around, her grim face no longer hidden. "But because of you, I met Zed. So I don't know whether I should continue hating you or be grateful to you, Joy. Isn't it ironic? But of course, I feel more hatred than gratitude for you. You have to keep fighting for your life, until the day I won't hate you anymore."

Jean finished her words and not wanting to know Joy's reaction, she quickly opened the door and strode outside.

She limped as she walked but tried her best not to stumble.

Toby stood at the hallway and immediately saw Jean when she came out. He quickened his steps towards her when a hopeless look showed upon her face. He rushed forward and looked at her anxiously.

Jean leaned against the wall and without warning, tears slowly trickled down her face. She felt inconsolable now.

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