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   Chapter 597 What's Wrong With You

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 10082

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Jean looked at Moore and Avery in great shock. She hadn't expected that the whole thing would process so smoothly. She thought that her efforts would make Moore begin to have a favorable impression on Avery, but she hadn't expected that they would talked about marriage. It was so sudden that it made Jean difficult to believe what was happening now.

She rubbed her eyes with great strength, and when she opened her eyes again, she saw that Moore was embracing Avery.


Seeing the duo finally being together in a hug, Jean suddenly cheered happily. She held Zed in her arms and asked happily, "See? Zed! Moore and Avery are in love! Finally, they are in love! I'm so happy to see that. No, to be more specific, I'm highly excited about it!" Jean ecstatically exclaimed.

Zed said nothing but gave out a reluctant smile as he turned to look toward Moore. Contrary to how Jean was feeling at the moment, he felt really worried about Moore.

He was pretty sure about why Moore had agreed to be Avery's boyfriend.

Moore was in love with Jean. So when he heard that she wanted him to accept Avery's love and be happy with her, he was deeply touched and couldn't deny her request.

So even though Moore didn't have any feelings for Avery at all, he was still willing to accept Jean's suggestion just to keep her happy. He would rather suffer all by himself than upset Jean or hurt her in any way.

Obviously, Moore wanted to stop himself from fantasizing about Jean falling in love with him. Otherwise, he would not have been so resolute in agreeing to be Avery's boyfriend. He had even mentioned about the prospects of marriage someday in the future which was even more alarming and off-putting than anything else.

The more Jean wanted him to be in love with Avery, the crueler he would treat himself.

'Moore, you are so stupid!' Zed thought.

He looked at Moore with a complex expression, feeling really guilty about the compromise they both had made today.

Moore had sacrificed his love and happiness to make both Jean and Avery happy. And he had sacrificed his happiness so as not to tell Jean about his feelings for her.

'Jean has always wanted to set Moore up with Avery and now her wish has finally come true today.

But will Moore fall in love with Avery? Will he be happy?

I guess no. He loves Jean, not Avery, ' Zed thought.

Zed was in a bad mood, because he knew what Moore was thinking about. He wanted to tell Jean frankly that Moore didn't love Avery at all. But when he saw that Jean was so happy for them, his willpower and resolution failed and he didn't say anything.

Back in the bedroom, Jean was still immersed in her excitement. Lying in bed with her legs crossed, she was eating an apple while gossiping with Maranda over the phone about what had happened today, and her voice was full of pride.

"Maranda, from today onwards, I'm a successful matchmaker. I am so great!" She exclaimed.

"What? Matchmaker? For whom?" Maranda asked with her voice full of

couldn't understand what he was so angry about.

"Nothing serious. You think too much!" Zed said, wanting to escape from Jean's question. "Let's sleep, baby. It's very late."

Zed lay down on the bed and intended to close his eyes as he said this.

Hearing what Zed had said, Jean got even more suspicious. 'I must know the reason why you are behaving so strangely today. Otherwise, I am not going to let you sleep no matter how tired you are!' she thought.

She grabbed his hands firmly and lay down on top of him. She looked at him with a serious look and asked, "Tell me frankly. I know that you are hiding something from me. What is bothering you so much? If you don't tell me the truth, then I will be very worried and it will be difficult for me to fall asleep."

"Jean..." Zed was amused by Jean's threat. He sighed helplessly and a bitter smile appeared on his face. "Come on, I'm all right. Don't think too much about it."

"Really? You are all right?" Jean asked him with her voice full of doubt.

"Yes," Zed nodded his head firmly and replied. "I know that Moore doesn't love Avery and he has fallen in love with some other girl. So I just think that it's inappropriate for you to force him. And I was feeling guilty that I didn't stop you at that time."

"Yes, you didn't stop me. And it means that you agree with me doing all that, right?" Jean laughed out and asked.

"No, I was kicked out of the house by you and then I went to the company. So I didn't know what was going on. When I came back home, everything just happened. I didn't have any time to think about it at all..."

"All right. Don't talk about it anymore. It's useless to talk too much. Everyone will fall in love with someone. It's very natural for Moore to fall in love with a girl. Why are you defending a stranger? Do you even know who that girl is?"

Jean looked at Zed and asked him in bewilderment.

Zed hadn't expected that Jean would ask him this question. He was completely stunned all of a sudden.

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