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   Chapter 596 Moore Has Been Moved

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7216

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Zed walked over towards Jean who was standing to a side. The soft flashing lights in the room made him sigh uncontrollably when he saw her beautiful face.

'Jean has tried her best to help Avery tonight.

But will Moore be moved because of all of this planning? I hope things don't go south today.'

Zed looked towards where Avery was standing. Avery was standing in front of Moore, repeating singing over and over again. "I want to spend all my life with you. Please forgive that unhappy past between us. Our dialogues are the past. But I will keep them in my mind as wonderful memories forever..."

No one stopped Avery. She kept singing with her eyes fixed at Moore with affection in them while crystal tears suddenly started falling down her fair face.

At this moment, Moore was somehow fascinated by Avery, with rare tenderness on his face.

Seeing this scene, Jean suddenly felt really happy.

"Moore has been moved by Avery's singing…" Jean was surprised.

Zed was helpless. "You used such an effective way that there was no way he wouldn't be. If Moore still wasn't moved, he wouldn't have been human. However, being moved does not mean that he will accept Avery's love."

"Close your mouth!" Hearing Zed's words, Jean angrily retorted. "Look at them quietly and stop saying such pessimistic words."

Seeing Jean's warning look, Zed smiled bitterly and didn't say anything.

'Am I wrong in telling you the truth?'

Zed felt a little wronged in his heart. But he knew that at this time, he couldn't say anything more to annoy Jean.

So, he looked at Moore and Avery and said nothing.

"Okay. Avery, stop singing." Moore finally came back to his senses and looked at Avery with a complicated facial expression adorning his face.

Avery stopped and looked at Moore nervously.

From Moore's calm facial expression, she couldn't tell whether he was happy or not.

"Moore, although Avery was your classmate, I don't think you'd ever heard her sing, had you?" Jean walked over to them and asked with a smile. "It took Avery only two hours to learn this song. But I think she sings better than the original version itself. She's r


At this moment, he could see that on her delicate and beautiful face, there were both helplessness and nervousness. And her eyes were full of tears, about to drop very soon.

Moore sighed in his heart and stood in front of Avery. "If I get married in the future, then I will definitely give priority to you to be my wife."

Jean was stunned for a while, not understanding the meaning of Moore's words.

"Moore, do you mean that you may not get married ever?" Jean quickly walked over to Moore, and asked.

"I didn't say that." Moore looked at Jean and sighed. "Since I will marry her in the future, I want to fulfill the rights of a boyfriend soon! But I have nothing now. Avery, will you dislike me one day?"

Moore looked at Avery and asked with suspicion.

Avery was very surprised and excited now. She never thought that Moore would accept her love. And she didn't expect that Moore would talk of their getting married.

Avery shook her head continuously. "No! Absolutely not… I have earned a lot of money… It's enough for us to spend a lifetime… I only want you… I would be satisfied if you could stay by my side forever…"

Avery was so excited that she was incoherent. But those feelings were true in her heart.

Moore smiled with his white teeth clearly visible, and reached out to hug Avery who was trembling.

'Jean, if this is what you hope to see, I will fulfill your wish!' Moore thought to himself.

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