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   Chapter 595 The Secret Song

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8741

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Jean felt that Avery was justified when she heard what Avery was saying. Seeing the depressed look on her face, Jean started thinking and suddenly something dawned on her. With her eyes strangely lit up, she pulled Avery towards a corner and asked, "Avery, I just remembered. You were on a talent show where you met the entertainment company you worked for, weren't you? Wasn't that also where you met Adolf?"

Avery looked at Jean with a puzzled face and replied, "Yes, but what's wrong? Why are you asking me that now?"

"So how did you end up winning that show? What talent did you utilize? Was it your acting skill, or your voice?" Jean put forward another question.

"What I am really good at is singing. And that's the genre in which I was competing. But when I met Adolf, he told me to accept advertising work too, and I did a lot of it. Many producers and directors found that my acting skills were great too, so I entered the film and television circle. That's how I found my stardom,"

Avery looked at Jean and answered honestly.

"Wow, I didn't expect you to have so many skills and talents. No wonder you are so popular!" Jean was awestruck on hearing that and complimented admiringly.

"Thank you." When Jean praised her, Avery blushed at once. She then asked shyly, "What made you ask this so suddenly, Jean?"

"I just wanted to try to pair you both up by making you sing in front of Moore. I know he often listens to the same song in his spare time. I was wondering if you can sing it..." Jean looked at Avery and wondered with a smile.

"What song?" Avery was somewhat surprised to hear that someone as dry as Moore had a favorite song.

She had never seen Moore listen to songs and

had always thought that he didn't like music.

"It's an old classic song, so I think you'll need some time to study it. I'll arrange for you to learn it,"

Jean looked at Avery with a mysterious gaze and replied.

Avery nodded, as if she had complete faith and trust in Jean.

Avery trusting her so much made Jean feel like she was the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood, and Avery was the little girl.

It wasn't a very nice role to play but for her to pair the two up, she had no other choice.

With that in mind, Jean excused herself to Avery and went upstairs with Zed. Back in the bedroom, she started searching the Internet for some information. From her face, it was evident that she was really busy. Zed looked at his wife doubtfully, who was too lost in her work to even give him a glance. "What are you doing, Jean? Why are you acting so mysteriously?" Zed asked.

Jean just smi

nd went to press the switch.

But after pressing back and forth several times, the room was still dark and unchanged at all.

"Is there a blackout?" Zed muttered.

The next second, as if he had understood something, Zed could not help looking at Moore standing by.

Moore didn't find anything unusual and replied comfortingly, "It seems so. Don't worry. I am sure the electricity will be re-connected soon."

'Since Jean and Avery deliberately sent Moore away just now for a while, it seems that the protagonist of the story tonight is indeed him.'

Zed felt a sudden sense of relief when he saw that Moore didn't know anything about it. Before this, he was still complaining that Jean even hid it from him.

But now if he knew about it but didn't inform Moore, he would have felt guilty. This way, he was fortunate to have been kept in the dark this time.

He really didn't know what the two girls wanted to do.

Even the electricity was out!

They groped slowly into the living room in the dark. Suddenly, a melodious, gentle voice came slowly, sadly.

"Who knows, what love is..."

The tune was long and lasting. And even at the end of the first line, the intoxicating melody still seemed to reverberate in their ears.

The lights also came on at this time, causing Zed and Moore to blink several times as their eyes had adjusted themselves for the dark and the sudden brightness was blinding.

When they could finally see again, they just heard the music ringing again. Avery, with a microphone in her hand, was singing and walking towards Moore.

She had intoxicating feelings in her eyes and a sad, beautiful expression on her face. With that fair-sounding melody, Avery sang affectionately and touchingly...

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