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   Chapter 594 How Could You Be So Mean

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 10627

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Before knocking and opening the door, Ron looked at Maranda and touched her beautiful hair.

Jean watched them with anxiety, her eyes betrayed her by revealing excitement.

The moment they pushed the door open, Ron and Maranda instantly got in and looked inside.

They caught sight of Calvin, who was packing his stuff on the table and smiled at them as they entered.

Something in the way that Calvin had looked at them might have made them feel fright. Maranda just stared at him without blinking, wondering why Calvin was packing his stuff. When Calvin didn't utter a word, surprised by their reactions, Maranda cried out, "Oh my God! Ms. Wu? Ms. Wu! I think Calvin is planning to escape!

How did Calvin get so worse?"

Ron frowned at this and cried out as well, "You bastard! When would you stop being so naughty? Aren't you aware how difficult it is for your mother to take care of you by herself? How dare you behave like this?" After saying that, Ron rushed to Calvin and grabbed his ear, dragging him back towards the inner part of the room violently.

Alina Wu heard the commotion. Her eyes immediately widened at the scene and shrieked, "Stop! Please don't do that to my Calvin!"

Alina moved towards Ron and tried to remove his hold after seeing Calvin's face flushed in pain to the point that her son's mouth was twisted, making him unable to utter a word.

"Oh, Ms. Wu. Don't pity this bad boy, or he won't be able to recover if you tolerate his actions. If we haven't come in time, he would already have run out when you weren't looking!" Ron declared indignantly and stared straight at Calvin's eyes before saying angrily, "This bastard couldn't tell right from wrong. He should be taught a lesson. You mother has spent so many sleepless nights taking care of you, and look what you're doing in return! So ungrateful! You wouldn't even let others have a second to rest and just go on about your selfish decisions, giving everyone else trouble. Oh, Calvin! When will you ever learn to be adult?"

Seeing how Calvin couldn't utter a word to explain, because of Ron's tight hold, Alina finally understood what exactly was going on. Sighing helplessly, she turned to Ron and said, "Ron, please let go of him now. I believe you are mistaken, and that you haven't known yet that Calvin is okay now and is completely recovered. He wasn't trying to escape. We are already packing up to leave the hospital."

As soon as Alina explained, Ron froze, and his face dropped. He felt like he got a big blow on his head, and that his lungs were being squeezed tight. He immediately released his grip from Calvin's ear and slowly turned to face Calvin.

As he caught sight of Calvin's deadly stare, his face turned pale, and he swallowed bile that formed in his throat. He blinked twice at Calvin, who just stared at him with piercing eyes, and asked, stammering, "You... are you... really finally…getting out…of the hospital? Are you… really okay now…"

Calvin interrupted him with a scoff, "Look at you. Cat got your tongue? What's wrong? Weren't you domineering over me just now? Where did your confidence go, and why are you suddenly stammering? Weren't you f

She still hadn't fully absorbed the events that happened that morning. Moreover, she still couldn't believe that she was the reason why Calvin was now awake and full of life again.

A smile of happiness and satisfaction crept on her face as things finally had a happy ending.

And then, the image of Ron making a fool of himself appeared on her mind again, so she couldn't help but laugh out of nowhere. Zed glanced at her weirdly but smiled when he knew why she suddenly laughed. On the way home, she unconsciously started to hum, making Zed even more happy and relieved.

As soon as they returned home and stepped into the living room, they were both greeted by Avery, who ran up excitedly towards them. "You're back! You went out so early this morning. Where did you two go?

Your faces looked like both of you went out to have some fun."

"We didn't go out to have fun. We just visited a friend," Jean answered, rolling her eyes at Avery, who was pouting as if offended that she wasn't tagged along. When Avery nodded in understanding, Jean turned and caught sight of Moore sitting on the couch in the living room and watching TV. She turned to look at Avery and lowered her voice to whisper, "You two didn't go out to have fun? Zed and I left you two alone on purpose. I hope you grabbed the opportunity. How are things going? Was there any progress?"

Avery blushed upon hearing Jean's words. She gave Moore a quick glance to check whether he heard what Jean said, but he didn't, for Zed sat next to him and conversed. She looked at Jean again and said bashfully, "It was just a couple of hours. What progress can we make?"

"You can't fool me. I can't believe that the super hot celebrity, Vikki, full of stunning acting skills, couldn't even deal with a man. Isn't that your strong suit, though, to deal with men?" Jean asked in disbelief, her eyes wide open in surprise.

"Well, you are right in one sense, but that is just for the roles I acted. If I was so capable in reality as well, then I wouldn't have entered the show business." Rolling her eyes, Avery heaved a deep sigh in resignation.

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