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   Chapter 592 What Are You Talking About

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"No, I..." Closing his mouth, Zed frowned in frustration, realizing that Jean still didn't understand his own intentions and why he behaved that way, or worse, she wasn't accepting any of it. When he was just about to open his mouth and continue to argue about the issue with Jean, Jean spoke up and interrupted him in a threatening tone, "Well, if you still want to keep quibbling over this small matter with me, then I'd like to go back home now."

"Why not? Let's go back. I don't want to stay here, either!" Zed said while nodding his head approvingly.

"No, you don't understand. I'd like to go home alone. If you follow me, then I'd rather not go home tonight!" With a glare, Jean refused him in a hurry.

"Oh, come on! Jean!" Zed couldn't hold back his anger anymore after grasping her desire to go alone and looked at her with burning fire in his eyes.

Jean looked back at him, blinking slowly as if trying to decide what to do. She then realized that Zed wasn't going to back down anytime soon just by how piled up his irritation was. She stared at him for a few more seconds and realized that she couldn't really resist her husband any longer. After heaving a deep sigh, she went over him and took his hand on hers, rubbing her thumb on the top of his palm before saying gently, "Honey, can we please stop arguing? What's done is done, and everything is resolved already. Besides, what's important is that Calvin is now finally awake, and so, we should just focus our attention and energy on being happy for him, shouldn't we? This was what we came for, wasn't it, baby?"

As Zed's gaze focused on Jean's eyes, the burning fire inside of him started to get extinguished. He started to relax and nodded slowly at Jean's words. He then embraced Jean into a hug, feeling the exhaustion inside him fade away as if Jean was his stress reliever. Just not far from them, Calvin, who watched them with worry and hesitated whether or not to intervene, now looked relieved.

The doctor finally came, making both Jean and Zed pull away from each other and sat on the sofa to observe. Alina sat beside Jean and reached out for her hand. After the thorough examination, the doctor looked at them all with a smile and announced, "Calvin has completely recovered. As soon as the forms and payment have been processed, he can be discharged today and go home. Just remember, no triggering and no depressing words for the meantime. Congratulations."

"Oh, that won't be a problem. Thank you very much, doctor!" Alina was so happy to hear that Calvin had fully recovered that she stood up and took the doctor's hand excitedly to express her gratitude for him. The doctor congratulated them once more before he turned to leave. ·

As soon as the doctor left, Calvin turned to Alina with a huge smile as well. · "In that case, Mom, help me pack up my belongings. I've been in the hospital for as long as I can remember, and I'm extremely tired of it. I want to leave here as soon as possible."

"All right, son. I'll pack it up as soon as possible. I don't want to stay here any longer as well. Negative energy just floats around."

Without another word, Alina hurriedly walked over to Calvin's closet and began to pack up their belongings. ·

"As for me, I'm going to go through the discharge formalities and procedure now," Calvin said before turning his back at them and walked towards the door. ·

Jean immediately turned to Zed and winked broadly at him, hinting that they should take this opportunity to go with Calvin.

Although Jean had already forgiven Alina, she could still recall how Alina slandered her just moments ago despite what she said to Calvin about forgetting what his mother said.

She was still, in fact, a human being and was extremely hurt, so she was reluctant and unwilling to stay with Alina in the same room for now. ·

Plus, she was afraid that Zed's anger might return at Alina's presence, and that if they stayed, he might explode again and say something awful to hurt her. In order to stop all these from happening and worsening, she finally decided that it's best for them to go along with Calvin. ·

When she saw that Zed was not against it, Jean hurriedly stopped Calvin by calling out his name, "Calvin, we'd like to go with you."

Calvin was slightly surprised by Jean's proposition at first, but within a few seconds, he seemed to understand the reason why they wanted to go with him. With a smile, he looked at Jean

arted to soften. · "I'm sorry, too, Jean. It was insensitive of me to say such inapproriate thing. · I shouldn't have teased you like that, and I know that you were just concerned about us. I should have been more generous instead of a bully.

Let's just forget it, okay?"

Jean smiled. "Forgive and forget." She finally felt relieved. As soon as they were back on Zed's side, Jean commented, "Both of you are too strange. It's hard for me to see through you now. Because of Christina, Calvin didn't even care to say a word to Zed and even made all those efforts to play tricks on Zed. Do you remember? However, today, you treat each other as if nothing serious happened. It seems like you two really have a great relationship, and that both of you know each other very well. It's just so strange."

"Of course, I know him well. How could I not? Zed and I lived together in the same big yard during our childhood years. When we grew up, there indeed happened something unpleasant between us, causing us to not live together anymore. Then, I thought that he had something to do with Christina's death at that time, so I surely had tried all means to know everything about him and investigated him. I can say that there are only a handful of people in this world who know him better than I do." Calvin bet with a bitter but playful smile on his face.

Zed scoffed and said, "The thought that someone knows me too well doesn't make me feel at ease, at all. It's very taxing." He joked at Calvin before turning to Jean. "Honey, I'm not sure whether Calvin is our friend or our enemy. Should we be on guard against him?"

Jean laughed, while Calvin refuted, "Oh, come on, Zed! Stop joking around, and be realistic. Even ten of me would be no match for a man like you with such power!"

Jean stopped laughing, her eyes widening in surprise after hearing Calvin's words, and asked, · "Really? Is Zed that invincible?"

"It's such a pity, Jean. Zed is your husband, but you don't seem to know much about him. Maybe you should also investigate him," Calvin suggested, shaking his head to keep the playful act. ·

Zed's eyes widened, immediately stopping Calvin from saying anything by shouting his name. · Even though Calvin meant it as a joke, he was still displeased with it. Jean might somehow guess, and he was not ready to tell the truth yet.

"Fine. Whatever. It's a problem between you two, and I should probably stop interfering." Calvin rolled his eyes at Zed before he turned to walk ahead and pay the pending bills. Zed and Jean just stood nearby, waiting for him. After a short while, Calvin was informed that the discharge procedure was complete, and that he was good to go. As he passed by them, he gave them a smile and walked towards the ward without waiting for them to follow him.

Zed was about to follow Calvin back to the ward, but when he turned to look at Jean, he found that Jean was still standing there with a puzzled look plastered on her face.

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