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   Chapter 591 You're Awake

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Jean caught Zed's inquisitive eyes. Although she was aware of how much Alina Wu tried to make her look bad, she knew that Zed believed none of it. As Zed kept his gaze on her, she smiled wryly back at him and shook her head to affirm his thoughts and gave him a quick glance to the bathroom as a non-verbal signal.

Zed cocked an eyebrow at Jean. He followed her eyes out of curiosity. He wondered for a moment why Jean directed his gaze to the bathroom, but as soon as he saw the light was switched on via the reflection on the bathroom door, he immediately looked at Jean with a flash of excitement on his face.

With a huge beam plastered on Jean's face, she nodded at Zed for confirmation.

The same huge smile reflected on Zed's face as the news of Calvin finally waking up delighted him. He turned to Alina, who still kept complaining and whose face was now red with tears. His eyebrows furrowed into a frown and addressed her, "Ms. Wu, I believe you are mistaken. How could Jean ever hide Calvin? Besides, she is my wife. She won't have a reason to keep him away from you, would she? It just doesn't make sense at all."

"Pardon me for asking, Mr. Qi, but then, how could you explain why she held his hand in front of us? And why did she ask you to give them both privacy when they could talk with us in the same room? There's no other explanation, is there? Mr. Qi, you are still young and promising. Don't get easily deceived by others. And I suggest you stop wasting your life with her!"

Alina confidently spurted out, thinking that she had said these words out of good will.

At this point, Zed's face darkened. His patience was usually thick, but Alina was wearing them thin. Caring for her son was one thing, but accusing his beloved wife for deceit was another. His body surged of annoyance, and all understanding faded from his face. Alina wasn't sure if she was seeing Zed's reaction right, but before she could ask, Zed opened his mouth and said in a cold tone, "In that case, we should not have come to visit Calvin so as not to be accused of having an ax to grind. Come, Jean. Let's head home and find something worthy of our time. We don't seem to be welcome at all."

As soon as he finished, he gave Alina one last glare before he grabbed Jean's hand and turned to walk out of the room.

Stunned, Alina couldn't say anything but mutter his name as if to call him back, but it was either too soft or ignored for Zed didn't even turn to acknowledge it.

She stayed on her place, not knowing what to do as for her, Zed had misunderstood her concern. She took a step forward and stopped, starting to feel completely anxious.

Meanwhile, Jean became anxious, too. She saw how dark Zed's eyes turned, but she just wasn't going to tolerate this immaturity. She stopped and with her free hand, she grabbed Zed's hand that holding hers, making it let go and turning the tables. Zed turned to look at her with a frown, and Jean just shook her head in return.

'Doesn't he know Calvin is fine now? Didn't he understand my gesture just moments ago? If so, why did he just smile and then take a 360 degree turn? Why did he instantly get worked up and exploded in front of Alina?

There is no reason to be so childish! Where are his manners and respect? How could he easily get angry at an elder?

He should know the reason why Alina acted like that is just because she cares too much about her son, ' Jean thought, frowning at Zed.

The air between them turned awkward and before anyone could say anything or make another move, they all turned to the bathroom as the door opened and closed with a soft slam. Calvin stopped wiping his wet hair with a dry towel and gave the scene in front of him a confused look. He sensed a tension in the room and when his eyes landed at his mother's flushed expression, he asked, "Mom, what happened? What is the fuss here all about?"

Everyone else in the room was stunned. Zed was startled as he stared at Calvin. When he heard from Jean that he was fine a moment ago, he expected him to have the same dull face but not his eyes that now recognized. In front of him, however, he didn't expect Calvin would be in such a great state as if he wasn't lost a few days ago.

It was not just Zed. Even Jean was d

nding, so we can just forgive and forget. Besides, what matters now is that Calvin has finally snapped back to reality. So rest assured. Apology accepted, Ms. Wu," Jean replied with a reassuring smile plastered on her face.

In addition, she cleared the misunderstanding, because she also wanted Zed to snap back into reality and realize what was more important at hand than him being angry and immature by a simple misunderstanding.

After all, they knew each other well enough to just move on and it was unworthy of ruining the friendship just because of a small conflict. It wasn't a good idea to fall out to people you grew up with and risk wasting those precious memories.

As Jean expected, after hearing Alina's sincere apology and Jean's earnest acceptance, Zed's face finally softened. Jean smiled at Zed and squeezed his arm to let him know that everything was okay now.

Zed heaved out a deep sigh and turned to Calvin to vent out his last shred of dismay. "Since you are obviously okay now, go ask the doctor to give you some final examination, so the doctor can clear you and get you discharged out of here as soon as possible!" He exclaimed and then brushed his hand on his hair.

"Yes, sir," Calvin responded with his hand on salute. After that, he turned to Alina and requested, "Mom, can you ask for my attending physician? I want him to confrim right away, because I don't want to stay in this room any longer."

Thinking about her son getting discharged of the hospital today, Alina beamed out of exhilaration, so without further ado, she nodded and ran out of the room in a hurry.

As soon as Alina closed the door behind her, Calvin walked towards Jean and said sincerely, "Jean, whatever my mother had done or said to you, I apologize again on her behalf."

Jean waved her hands in haste at Calvin and replied, "Oh, no, no, no. It is just water under the bridge, and besides, it's already resolved now. Don't mind Zed's nonsense. To be honest, I have already forgotten what she said."

"Nonsense? What nonsense are you talking about? I just told her that you are my wife, and there was no reason for you to do such act, but then, she still kept bullshitting. She kept shutting you off and even said so many horrible words to you. Why do you keep ignoring what I just told you? For all I know if there was someone between her and me speaking nonsense, that would be her!" Zed declared with his arms crossed on his chest. Upon hearing Jean's response to Calvin, anger surged through him once more. He couldn't help but protest and explain his attitude towards Alina.

Jean exhaled in exhaustion. "Zed…" She felt helpless at how Zed was still bringing up a resolved issue and smiled bitterly. "Calvin and his mother have already apologized to me. Is that not enough for you? Why are you still nagging about it?"

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