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   Chapter 590 You Have Bullied Me A Lot

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8154

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Calvin still didn't show any recognition. Jean was so deeply hurt that all her emotions just surged inside of her. In despair, she asked, "How can this be? How could you let a woman ruin your life so easily? She's already been dead for almost ten years, why can't you go easy on yourself? Calvin, if you're not brave enough to face all these, why didn't you just leave this world with Christina back then?


She bit her lower lip and continued in an agitated voice, "Yes, since you know and feel nothing around you now, why didn't you just leave this world with her together?

Don't you love her that much? Why are you still alive and bringing others pain?"

Suddenly, Jean felt shaking on her hand. She raised her teary face and stared at Calvin's shaking hand in surprise.

Calvin's hand, pale and worn out, was shaking right now, and this was the first movement Jean had noticed from him.

Jean glanced at Calvin's face, making her eyes widen in disbelief. She couldn't believe what she was seeing right now. Tears escaped from Calvin's eyes, and all the life seemed to have sucked back in his body.

"Did you really wish that I should have died together with Christina? So I wouldn't cause you and Zed any trouble? Did you really think that way?"

There was pain in his eyes when he asked Jean.

Jean was relieved that Calvin was finally looking at her and talking to her. After hearing Calvin's question, she couldn't ignore the pain in his tone, so she got emotional and explained in tears, "No! No, no matter how much trouble you would give us, Zed and I both welcome you with open arms. It's just that we don't want to see you abandon yourself like this, tossing yourself like trash as if you don't find yourself worthy of living anymore."

Calvin stared back at Jean and saw only sincerity in her eyes. "You really don't mind?" Jean was crying hard that she could only nod in reply. He gave her a bitter smile before he held out his hand and wiped the tears on Jean's face gently. "Don't cry. If anyone sees you like this, they will think that I've bullied you."

Hearing this, Jean smiled back. "Since I knew you, you have bullied me a lot, haven't you?"

Calvin just smiled back and sighed, "Ever since I concealed myself from the outside world, how come that of all the visitors that came, you are the most fierce one?"

Jean looked at him in amazement. "Wait, so, you were still able to perceive?"

elf. Though my son is no less than Mr. Qi, I will never allow you to have any relation with my son."

Jean tried to find any proper excuse for Alina's misbehavior.

However, what she heard just now showed that Alina probably meant it even though Jean couldn't believe it.

"I think you misunderstood. Calvin and I are just friends..."

Jean tried to explain but was interrupted by Alina again.

"Friends? Do friends hold each other's hand in front of one's spouse? How dare you even do that in front of me? Really, is that the only excuse you can come up with? How dare you also ask Mr. Qi to take me away so that you can stay with my son alone in this room? I felt something was off back then, but I shrugged it off. Then Mr. Qi went to take a phone call and never returned when I finally understood. I'm warning you again. If you try to steal my son from me..."

"What are you talking about?" Jean felt speechless. She looked at the ceiling and rolled her eyes.

She came to visit Calvin out of kindness and now was mistaken as someone who wanted to ruin him. How could his mother accuse her right away?

If this was known by others, how could she bear so much shame?

"What are you talking about now?" Zed pushed the door open right on time and saw the looks on both of them and felt the tension in the atmosphere quite heavy.

"Mr. Qi..." Alina saw Zed walking in as if she saw her savior. She turned to him and said, "I just went in, and my son is gone. It must be her, who hid my son away." She said with such disgust as she pointed at Jean.

"What?" Zed looked at Jean in surprise. "Calvin's gone?"

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