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   Chapter 587 Don’t You Want Me To Wait For You

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7420

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The four of them went into the dining room and they saw a table full of delicious food that Zelda had prepared for them in a short time.

Jean's eyes brightened up at the sight of mouth-watering dishes. She immediately grabbed a chair and began to eat.

The rest of them felt hungry too as they saw Jean enjoying her food so much.

It was a happy atmosphere and everyone had enjoyed the sumptuous late-night meal.

After a hearty meal, everyone said their goodbyes to each other and returned to their own rooms.

It was midnight and all was quiet. Zed was reading on the bed and saw Jean coming out from the bathroom. Fresh from the shower, she looked clean and beautiful. Drops of water glided seductively from her swan-like neck down into the opening of her bathrobe.

But when he saw her long wet hair hanging over her shoulder, he frowned and jumped out of the bed and walked to her.

Grabbing the dry towel from her hand, he scolded her, "Don't you know how to care for yourself? Why didn't you blow-dry your hair after shower?"

"Uh, I don't want to keep you waiting. And you need to go to bed early." Jean looked at Zed with her apologetic face and continued, "Considering that you didn't have a good sleep yesterday and as I said, I was hoping for you to rest early, but then we…"

"It's alright. I am fine." Zed laughed at her words. "Don't worry about it, dear. I don't feel sleepy at all. On the contrary, you're the one I'm worried about. You need to dry your hair before you go to bed. Otherwise, you will get a headache. Do you get me?"

"I see." Jean grabbed the towel from Zed's hand and then said, "You need to take a shower too, Zed! I can dry it myself!"

Jean said, pushing him to the bathroom.

Zed was helpless with his wife's prodding and finally went inside the bathroom to take a shower.

Jean smiled as she listened to the sound of the running water. She wiped her hair and walked to the balcony.

Looking up at the clear starry night, she closed her eyes and her mind went back to what happened in Xiaguang Mountain.

'I wonder how Calvin is now?

Moore persuaded Hanley to keep the incident a secret and we haven't heard from Calvin since then.

It has been so man

ight for Zed. At this hour in the next morning, he was still in bed instead of rushing to the office. He sleepily turned to his wife and waited her to open her eyes.

Jean grumbled from her sleep as she could feel his gaze on her. When she was about to turn away from him, she suddenly froze and opened her eyes with a bit of concern.

She saw her husband gazing at her with a gentle smile. She felt good and smiled. "Good morning…" she said sweetly.

"Good morning, dear!" Zed said as he planted a light kiss on her forehead. "Get up and wash up, you little sleepyhead! After we have breakfast, I'll take you to see Calvin!" he said with a beaming smile.

"Really? That's good!" Jean was surprised, looked at Zed and asked, "So you didn't go to your office today because you want to take me to see Calvin?"

"Uhuh!" Zed nodded and got out of bed. As he slowly began to get dressed, he answered, "I am true to my promise. It would only take half of my day at work. From now on, I have to be with you more often so you won't keep saying I don't have time for you." He teased her with a smile.

"I didn't say that!" Jean blushed with Zed's loving teases. "It's just that, you are busy all day. That's what I'm worried about. Zed, I don't need you to make a lot of money. You're too tired already."

"I'm not even tired, you little fool. Besides, I am only earning enough for you and our child to have a best of life!" Zed asserted as he gently touched his wife's hair.

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