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   Chapter 586 I Won’t Leave Him First

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 10414

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Her eyes starting to swell and flush red, Avery felt a surge of astonishment as she looked at Moore. She couldn't believe her ears and eyes at the feeling that Moore seemed to finally show care for her.

The atmosphere in the car seemed to have solidified at the moment. Moore noticed and turned to Avery and then to everyone around him. His eyebrows furrowed into confusion and asked, "What's wrong? Why are you all staring at me that way?"

Jean nodded at him and shook her head with a smile. "Well, we just want to agree with you. You are right, Moore." Without waiting for Moore's response, she turned to Avery and apologized, "If things didn't happen as I expected, you would suffer from that in the end, so I should probably apologize. But don't worry, I'll take responsibility whatever happens."

Avery shook her head at Jean and said, "Jean, don't say it like that. I know you did that for my own good, and no matter what happens, I won't blame you for it." She gave Jean a reassuring and sincere smile.

Jean's eyes lit up once more in response. "Really?" She was delighted as she heard Avery's intention. "I haven't met anyone, who supports me this much. You are the first one, Avery." Jean placed her hands on her chest. "Wow, it feels amazing to be trusted by my idol!"

As if on cue, Zed and Moore exchanged a glance, giving each other a bitter smile and shaking their heads as they looked away.

It was funny how both of them thought of the same thing that Jean would be more stubborn and difficult to argue with now that she had Avery's support.

Jean noticed their exchange but ignored them and turned her attention back to Avery. She placed both her hands on her lap and said, "Then again, I didn't expect that Albert would have given Adolf away in the end. He is so unpredictable and cunning." She paused as she hesitated whether or not to ask the question, but she couldn't help it, so she shook her reluctance away and asked, "Avery, were you aware about all these? If there was anything wrong with Adolf's feelings for you throughout these years?"

Shaking her head, Avery gave Jean a bitter smile before answering, "I really have no idea. Besides, Adolf is pretty private and secretive. He usually keeps his thoughts to himself even when I ask. Plus, he has always treated me harshly and strictly when it comes to work. To be honest, until now, I still can't decide whether or not it's true."

"If you ask me, I think it's definitely true. Don't forget that you are so beautiful and charming inside and out, and that you have a lot of admirers. If there's anyone in this world who doesn't like you, then I'm pretty certain that he must be blind," Jean replied and subtly looked at Moore. She was referring to him, because he was Avery's crush and yet he claimed to not feel the same way about Avery.

Understanding immediately who Jean referred to, Avery gave her a look, reminding her silently that her words would embarrass Moore.

However, Moore didn't seem to have heard or if he did, looked affected by Jean's words as he was checking his cellphone.

It didn't look like h


Before Jean could finish her words, her eyes lit up as she thought of another sudden idea. She leaned over at Avery and whispered, "The doctor had advised Moore to have three more months of rest since he just got out of the hospital after the car accident. So, I suggest that you take this opportunity and ask Moore to help you with that. Wasn't he a smart student? He must know more than the others and be good at investing. Of course, you need to trust him first."

Avery's eyes lit up as well. "Of course, I surely trust him." She felt delighted to Jean's advice and turned to Moore at once.

Noticing their whispering, Moore looked up and happened to meet right into Avery's eyes.

Avery's face immediately flushed red. She smiled at Moore and then moved her eyes away immediately, feeling the surge of embarrassment.

Jean giggled as she witnessed the scene.

Hearing Jean's giggle, Avery felt more embarrassed and gave Jean a glare before turning her head away to look outside the window on her side.

Jean felt more amused to see Avery's reaction.

Frowning, Moore was totally confused as he didn't say anything but stare at Avery and Jean. He didn't know what happened with them or what they had exchanged.

On the other hand, Zed gave Jean a tender and gentle look. She had put on an amused face, giggling every now and then. He smiled at this and shook his head helplessly. The car finally arrived at the Qi Mansion.

They all got out of the car in silence and proceeded into the house. Hearing the door open, Zelda rushed out of the kitchen and greeted them with a smile on her face. "Mr. Zed, the snack is already done as you ordered."

Jean's eyes widened at this. "The late-night snack?" She turned to look at Zed. "You really prepared the late-night snack!"

"Yeah, because I believe you are all hungry by now," Zed said and gave Jean a smile back.

Jean was delighted at once and turned to Avery with a smile as she said, "Avery, you have to have more tonight, okay?"

Avery put on a bitter smile and replied, "Sure, I guess."

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