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   Chapter 585 Reveal What He Has Been Hiding

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7733

Updated: 2019-03-31 00:17

Jean glanced at Avery and noticed a hint of sadness flash on her face.

The person Avery loved with all her heart didn't feel the same way about her. On the other hand, she had no feelings for Adolf who actually loved her. It was no wonder that she was so disappointed. Deep down, Avery felt like the unluckiest person.

Jean gave a sigh and turned to Moore who had been standing aside silently.

Feeling Jean's gaze, Moore raised his eyebrows and inquired silently.

Jean slightly shook her head towards Moore and moved her eyes back at Avery.

Seeing this, Moore put on a serious look and analyzed Avery for a few seconds. He decided to stay silent since he didn't know what to say.

Slowly, Zed gripped Jean's hand when he realized the atmosphere has gotten very serious. All he wanted to do was provide Jean with support.

And this simple act of love soothed Jean up to some degree.

"Adolf, I've told you that she is a heartless woman and doesn't deserve you. I wanted to drive her away from you since watching you get upset for her made me feel so miserable." Albert broke the silence in the room with those words.

"Shut up!" Adolf stopped Albert with a displeased look. "We've been with Avery for so many years. Even if we don't end up being lovers, let us maintain this friendship."

"Adolf, don't be so naive." Albert snorted as he added, "As soon as she arrived in H City, she went to look for her crush. Has she ever taken you seriously? If she succeeds in achieving her crush's love then do you think she will stay with us?"

"Albert..." Avery called out loudly. "I consider Adolf to be my partner, friend and a family member. And no matter what happens, it will remain the same. I never want to leave him. As long as he is willing to work with me, I will be by his side."

"That's easy for you to say! If your crush asks you to marry him, won't you leave my brother?" Albert snorted again when he heard Avery's words.

"No, I won't," Avery answered without any trace of hesitation. She put on a serious look and added, "Adolf deserves credit for all my achievements and I will never forget that. Trust me, I won't let his hard work go in vain. I won't take any risk to damage everything he has managed to help me achieve. As for the person I love, If he really loves me, he'll su

She is my friend and I care about her a great deal. It will be good for you if you start behaving well with her."

"Adolf..." Albert didn't like his brother's advice at all. He wanted to resist and explain how wrong he was.

But Adolf shut him up with a serious look.

By now, Jean, Zed, Moore and Avery had already left the hospital. Now they were entering the car. Once inside, Jean gave a heavy sigh and leaned on the seat.

Looking up, she noticed that everyone's eyes were on her. She explained with a smile at once, "It was so depressing in the ward. I just want to relax. Didn't you guys feel it?"

"We were so worried about you," Zed said. "You always act so rashly. You really don't care about how people will react. This might get you into trouble one day."

"Weren't you and Moore by my side? There's no need to be afraid then. Besides, I'm really disgusted with Albert's rude behaviors. Who does he think he is! He dared to try to drive Avery away. Where did he get the guts to do that?"

Jean spat out angrily.

"Just because you don't like him doesn't mean you should show it in public. Did you even want to reveal what he has been hiding? What you did wasn't right," said Moore. Moore didn't agree with Jean's behavior so he continued, "Did you consider what would happen to Avery if things became bad? Avery might have to pay for your misbehavior. You should have thought of it."

Upon hearing about Moore's concern for Avery, Jean and Zed exchanged a look with each other. Deep down, they became delighted.

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