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   Chapter 582 She Shouldn't Have Believed Him!

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 11868

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"It was Gary's fault that Moore turned against him," Jean threw an uncontrollable tantrum as she noticed her dearest friend, sulking for his father cum enemy.

"Jean!" Zed appeased her, asking her to come to her senses. As Zed was busy dealing with his hot-headed wife, a sudden attack of a squeaky voice put this pointless talk to an unexpected end. "That's enough!" Moore shouted. Moore stared at Jean with his cold eyes that seemed as red as a sea drenched with the blood of countless soldier died in the battlefield. "I have already told you he is nothing but a ruthless father. He cares for nothing but himself. It's because of his self-possessed nature that he didn't even tremble a little abandoning his biological son to quench his thirst with a new woman! But you adamantly refused to listen to me. Now it might have hurt your blindfolded eyes to witness the truth all by themselves. Now, could you comprehend why I hate him so much? He is nothing but a hypocritical demon!" Moore emitted fumes of anger as he cursed his father for his breach of trust.

"I'm sorry, Moore. I shouldn't have considered you too stubborn to even listen to your father." As she couldn't help feeling pitiful for Moore's pathetic condition, words filled with repents uttered from Jean's voluble mouth.

'If I hadn't been persistent in persuading Moore to come talk with Gary, Moore wouldn't have ended up in such an embarrassing situation, ' thought Jean looking blankly at thin air.

Gary though seemed to be Jean's bitter enemy for now, it was not so long when there dwelt a mark of respect for Gary in her small yet beautiful heart. It might be owing to her trust that though Zed had already dissuaded her yet, she found it too hard to swallow that Gary, a man looked up as a god by each individual of H City could stoop to the extent of abandoning his biological son, in order to marry another woman for his own official career. Jean thus desperately tried to assuage herself on the pretext that there might have been some grave reasons that had compelled a man like him to commit such a heinous act.

But Moore was his biological son. What grave problem in god's name might have compelled Gary to stoop so low and what might have been preventing him from unveiling the truth? Jean bit her nail out of inquisitiveness blended with rage.

'It seems that I shouldn't have believed that wretched man at all!' Jean cursed Gary secretly.

"Mr. Bai, if you are here asking to talk with Moore today so that you could prevent him from attending the Bai family's feast, then your meek heart might crush to pieces for I have already helped that poor soul decide on this matter!" Jean warned Gary coldly. As her dazzling body shivered with anger, she lashed at Gary in a contrasting tone, "Not only will we attend the feast, but we will also expose what you have done to Moore. Don't blame us for the ruthlessness for it's you who have gifted us with this unique trait."

As her lungs lost air, Jean pulled out Moore in frenzy.

"Jean..." Hearing what Jean had said, Zed's face clouded with worry, and he cried anxiously for her receding figure.

But Jean was too angry to listen to his pleading. She thus got hold of Moore's arm and wanted to rush out of the tea house in a mad pace. However, her ankle was sprained, so she could only stumble all her way out of the box.

Seeing this, Moore swiftly reached for his arm to hold her. Finally, after a tense duel of words, the two of them left the gloomy atmosphere with Jean in Moore's arms, leaving behind t

re for a short while, but she quickly realized what Zed wanted to say. She looked back at Moore on the passenger seat and apologized, "I'm sorry, Moore. I'm too angry, so I just can't help..."

"You don't need to apologize, Jean." Moore glanced at Jean with a feigning smile. "I've been through countless occasions like this, so I'm used to it. Don't worry about me. I'm okay."

Hearing Moore's words, Jean looked at him in astonishment and said, "I used to think that the reason why you can't forgive him is that you hate him so much, but I haven't expected that it's all Gary's problem. He is unwilling to tell you the truth. I shouldn't have blamed you. From now on, I'll never give him a chance to meet you again."

"No, honey. It's unnecessary to do that." As Zed heard this flaccid tone, he immediately refuted Jean with a bitter smile. "He must have something difficult to disclose. Even if we can't forgive him, there's still no need to slander him. Jean, Moore, listen up close. Everyone has his or her own way of dealing with people. We should at least respect him as Moore's father."

"Respect him? Never! He doesn't worth my respect!" Jean replied Zed angrily as he tried to intercede for Gary. "A man who could abandon his biological son is nothing but a fiend. He doesn't worth anyone's respect!"

"Jean..." Zed stopped her abruptly.

"Don't call my name!" Jean looked at him with her cold eyes and shouted. "What's the matter with you? Why are you always defending for him?" she asked Zed. "Where were you? And what took you so long to come here? Don't tell me you were hanging with that wretched man. Zed, I have to warn you no matter what he tells you, you should never believe it for he lies worse than a pleader,"

Jean added as she gazed at Zed with a serious expression.

"OK. Calm down, honey. I don't believe him. But he didn't tell me anything," Zed looked at Jean and sighed. "I feel that he is facing the worst tribulations of his life. He has sacrificed a lot to achieve what he is today."

"That's his own fault!" Jean sniffed bizarrely. "For achieving what he wants, he has played all kinds of tactics. Shame on him!" Jean felt a cinder burning inside her chest and she ended the conversation in the car with rather peculiar words. "A ruthless father like him doesn't need our sympathy. He should reap what he had sowed."

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