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   Chapter 580 You Have Me

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9179

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"No, Jean. After we have met Gary, we can go and meet Avery at the hospital together. I have agreed to go and see him only because of your persuasion. Are you going to refuse my request in return too?"

Moore looked at Jean and pretended to be sad.

It was obvious that he desperately wanted Jean to come with them too.

'It seems that you admire Gary very much.

Well, let me show you what a bastard he is. He is the kind of worthless junk who doesn't deserve your admiration and should be despised for all eternity.

You would never believe my words and always think that he had something difficult to disclose. Today, I'll break that determination of yours by showing you the kind of man he really is.

Every time you speak for him, and other people who don't know you well may doubt that you have some ulterior motive like gaining some benefits from him, ' Moore thought.

Hearing what Moore had said, Jean could do nothing but shut her mouth helplessly and feel regret for what she had said just now.

'Moore, you're getting more and more cunning!

You're asking me to come and visit Gary with me because I persuaded you to visit him and now you want to punish me for the same.

Anyone with a single iota of cleverness will know that the lesser one messes with Gary's personal affairs, the safer he or she is.

And just like the sun rises every day, it is clear as daylight that it would be dangerous if one tries to mess with his personal affairs. My child is still unborn. I don't want to put him in any danger! Not a single bit of it any day.

But Zed has already promised you. I don't have any excuse to refuse you now, ' Jean thought helplessly.

Jean glanced at Zed and couldn't help rolling her eyes when she thought about his request.

'It's all your fault. If you hadn't promised Moore to accompany him while he meets Gary later, I would have been able to find an excuse to deny his request.

But now I have no other choice but to go with him, ' Jean thought to herself.

Moore looked up from his cell phone and he seemed to be in a strangely and surprisingly good mood when he saw Jean's regretful expression. Then he told her, "I've made an appointment with him. We'll meet at the YX Tea House not far from here."

He was in a good mood, but Jean was not. She looked out of the window with a gloomy face.

Noticing that Jean wasn't responding, Zed replied and agreed, "All right, we got it."

It was Zed driving the car as they made their way towards the tea house.

It wasn't very far and after a small number of turns, they had reached soon.

It was a weekday and most of the people were at work so the tea house wasn't much filled.

After parking the car, Zed helped Jean walk inside with Mo

e that your skill is bound to improve very soon." Jean pretended to be very generous.

Moore looked at Zed with a bitter face. He felt so helpless because he always failed to refuse Jean.

Zed pretended that he didn't hear what they were talking about and he deliberately bowed his head and continued to drink tea.

Looking at Zed and Moore, Jean couldn't help bursting into laughter, and the unpleasantness in her heart disappeared without any trace at this moment.

"Sorry, I'm late." Suddenly, a low and deep voice echoed around the room, and they saw Gary appear in the box wearing a white casual suit.

It was evident that he had come in such a hurry from the fact that his entire forehead was covered in sweat and he hadn't cared to wipe it at all.

But he hadn't expected that Zed and Jean would also come, so he was a little bit stunned. Quickly, he regained his composure. He came up to them and greeted them courteously, "Nice to meet you, Mr. Qi and Mrs. Qi."

"Nice to meet you, too, Mr. Bai. Call me Zed, please," Zed hurriedly got up and greeted him.

"That's right. And call me Jean, please, Mr. Bai," Jean also stood up and replied with politeness.

But Moore had just kept on sitting to a side and had not moved, as if he hadn't seen Gary.

Gary smiled and said, "Sit down, please. Make yourself at home."

Then Zed and Jean sat down again, and the waitress quickly refilled the cups in front of them with fresh tea.

"Thank you very much," Zed thanked the waitress.

Hearing Zed's words, the waitress nodded her head with a sweet smile and then she went out and closed the door of the box.

As soon as she left, the box was lost into an awkward silence once again. Noticing that, Jean quickly picked up the tea cup in front of her and smiled at Gary, "Please have some tea, Mr. Bai."

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