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   Chapter 579 Moore Was Persuaded

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6669

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"Jean, what nonsense! How can you even suggest something like that?" Hearing her words, Zed was shocked and quickly stopped her from saying anything more. "What you are doing is mere guesswork. I hope you won't make any solid conclusions from mere conjectures before everything is made clear..."

"Don't you feel worried when Moore is in despair and fills his heart with resentment?" Jean seemed annoyed at Zed's response as she looked into his eyes. "And regardless of whether you feel worried or not, I am worried about him. I would rather give him hope but I do not want him to continue escaping from reality and denying the truth. Do you think Gary isn't ashamed to come in front of Moore again and again like he has done something wrong to Moore? What do you think that makes him feel?

Why don't you try and imagine what his intentions could be? These things must be solved sooner or later and there are always answers to these questions. There is nothing possible we can do until the truth is revealed. Why not give Moore a little more hope and encourage him to face Gary?"

"What if the truth hurts him more than anything else he has right now? Do you really want Moore to get hurt once again?" Zed asked with a frown.

"Look at Moore! Isn't he already in enough pain? I just don't want him to continue like this. And I sincerely hope that he could bravely face Gary and face the truth." Jean raised her voice and looked at Zed with determination.

"Jean, how can you be sure that the truth won't hurt Moore any more than he already is hurt? What if he falls into despair once again? He has already experienced it before. Do you want to remind him of the scene he was abandoned?" Zed looked at Jean and asked.

"No, I'm not sure. I don't have any clues about the truth. But when I saw Gary, he didn't look like the sort of person who would abandon his son like that. Especially in the cemetery that day, I saw clearly... The sadness... and the loneliness on his face. It was the ki

them and said.

"What request?" Jean was stunned for a few seconds and asked him with a puzzled look.

'I advised Moore to meet Gary because I was worried about the former. Why does he request me to do something?'

"You know how much I hate him. I am afraid that when I meet him, I will leave before he finishes his words. So, if you really want me to meet him, then you two have to accompany me. If I try to leave before he can finish his words, please stop me,"

Moore seriously told them.

Hearing that, Jean and Zed glanced at each other. Then Jean hesitatingly replied, "Would that be the right thing to do? It is such a secret family matter. Won't you feel embarrassed while Zed and I are there?"

"I won't mind and it would help me if you were there." Moore smiled. "Is there anything that you don't know about me? Is there anything that I don't know about you two? So, you don't need to worry. It's all fine and I'll go and meet him if you two come with me."

"Okay!" Zed immediately nodded in agreement. "Then you can call him now. Since we all have spare time today, we can solve this problem once and for all. Then we can sleep well when we come back."

"Moore, how about Zed accompanies you when you meet Gary? I think I should go to the hospital and find Avery," Jean looked at Moore and suggested.

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