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   Chapter 578 Can You Forgive Him

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7319

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"Hey, don't try to laugh at me!" Jean turned to Moore and added, "Remember, I'm eating for two. For myself and for the baby... What? Do you have a problem with that?" "Of course not. It's all yours. Just help yourself.

I won't fight with a pregnant woman over food." Moore moved slightly away from Jean as soon as he finished his words. He felt he needed to do that to avoid arguments.

"See? He is so mean to me," Jean touched Zed's hand as she complained about Moore. "He is mean to your wife."

"Don't mind him, honey. We will get even with him once our baby is born,"

Zed assured her with his gentle voice while he slowly caressed her hair.

"You're right. I'll teach our baby to annoy him with silly antics." Jean nodded her head to Zed. Taking advantage of the situation, she smirked as she turned to Moore and said, "You should be nice to me or else, you will suffer a lot in the future."

"Didn't I treat you right? How could you say that?" Moore felt trapped and amused at the same time with her jokes.

"You were avoiding me just now. You found me distasteful because I'm pregnant. Am I not beautiful anymore? Do I look disgustingly fat to you? And to think my bump isn't even showing yet. You dislike me because I'm pregnant, is that it?" Jean ranted. She was raising her voice now and surely, her pregnancy was causing this crazy mood swings.

"I was just…" Moore stopped and couldn't think of anything to say as he was too dumbfounded by Jean's words.

'What have I said?

Oh God, let me take back my words. I didn't mean to offend her, not in any way.'

Moore asked himself as he didn't want to be teased by Jean for the rest of his life.

"Hold it, both of you. That's enough. Let's get going. Or we will be stuck in a traffic jam. It's already rush hour." Zed interrupted to stop Jean and Moore from bickering with each other.

Jean paused for a moment and glared at Moore then reached for her husband's forearm as the three of them left the restaurant, walking toward the car.

Moore was swept with his emotions and his lips formed a bittersweet smile as Jean and Zed walked away.

It seemed that the funny and lively side of Jean was back again

ar him out first and decide later on if you wish to join him for the feast of the Bai family on the weekend," Jean suggested.

"The feast on the weekend? So you received the invitation as well?" Zed asked Moore with a shocked look upon his face.

"No. It was Hanley who invited him." Noticing Moore's hesitance to answer, Jean explained for him.

"Hanley? He is so sneaky!" Zed mocked as he was well aware of Hanley's intention.

"Zed, what do you think Moore should do?" Jean asked.

"Well, it's all up to him." Zed took a deep breath and said to Moore, "If I were you, I wouldn't think too much. There's still time to ponder it over."

"Nah, that's okay. I don't want to see Gary anyway," Moore replied right away and sounded pretty firm over his decision.

"Listen, Moore." Jean was disappointed and added, "I just don't want you to regret this later on. It won't hurt. Just give him a chance to explain."

Jean pleaded, looking straight into Moore's eyes.

"There's really no need to do that. I've suffered so much for so long and that won't change. He abandoned me. I became homeless in a foreign country with no one to turn to. These are all facts. I never had a happy childhood, and so I won't easily forgive him,"

Moore explained with so much bitterness.

"What if he did that for a reason? What if he sent you away to protect you?" Jean explained as she noticed the growing sorrow on Moore's face. "Can you ever forgive him?"

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