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   Chapter 577 Always Happy To See You

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6611

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The two were just walking towards the elevator when they saw a young man wearing gold-rimmed spectacles coming out of the private elevator and he politely bowed down to Jean and Moore, and said, "Ms. Jean and Mr. Moore, please walk this way."

They looked at each other and then, followed the young man that signaled them to the private elevator.

With his guidance, the elevator went up to the top floor and it directly opened to Zed's office.

"The CEO is still in a meeting, please wait inside,"

instructed by the young man, as he pushed to open the door for them.

To which Jean replied, "Thank you."

After the man had left, she looked to Moore and said, "Come on, let's go inside."

"Why do you want to come here when you know Zed is too busy to see you?" Moore asked as he helped Jean settled on the couch.

"Well, I need to take care of him! He is such a workaholic. And I won't get to see him earlier if I don't come. And if he will continue this kind of lifestyle, I'm afraid his health will be in bad shape. And besides, if he knows I'm here, he will leave work early," Jean answered and felt satisfied with her own response.

Moore shook his head and said, "You know what, you impressed me a lot. You are far too different from the other girls I know."

"Well, I know that!" Jean smiled at Moore. "Do you find me weird? And interfering with Zed's work? But, Moore, you have to understand, I'm his wife and his health is my priority. And I think, he doesn't need to work that hard and we don't need a lot of money. We have each other and that's what matters."

In fact, Jean was a very simple woman. What Zed was making was already enough for her.

So there was no point for making more money. And it could be quite exhausting. Zed hardly had a rest.

Moore looked at her in surprise, his heart beating fast.

'So this is the real you, simple and easily pleased.'

He couldn't help but close his eyes and felt the bitterness in his heart.

y is telling me to slow down," Zed said as he stretched his body.

"Let's get something to eat then we go home early," said Jean as she was getting concerned with the dark circles around his eyes.

"Okay, great," Zed nodded and agreed with Jean.

Moore followed quietly as they headed outside.

They went to an authentic Asian Restaurant that served Jean's favorite dishes such as spicy boiled fish, chilli chicken and Kung Pao pork.

Moore ordered a vegetable dish and soup as well as freshly squeezed fruit juice.

The dishes were served at once and Jean was having her moment, savoring her meal.

Tangy and spicy as she had expected!

The two men saw how Jean enjoyed this meal. They wanted to tell her to take it easy but didn't want to ruin her moment of happiness.

Then Jean touched her belly and drank her juice with satisfaction.

She then noticed that Zed and Moore barely ate anything, so she asked, "Is anything wrong? Do you find it too spicy?"

"No. It's fine," Zed said and looked at her lovingly. "I felt satisfied to see you enjoying your food."

Upon hearing it, Jean rolled her eyes and said, "You were just surprised with my lack of table manners."

"Oh well, you know yourself better. And I'm shocked to know you have such a big appetite," Moore laughed as he joked.

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