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   Chapter 576 I Already Have A Girl In My Heart

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8496

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Jean heard Moore's words and retorted angrily, "Shut up! There is no point in mocking me. Truth be told, I would definitely marry Avery if I were a man. Why are you getting angry? You are deliberately annoying me with such words, aren't you? But can't you see that I am doing this for you? Moore, it is your age to get married. Is it not good to have someone around to take care of you? Can you please tell me why you don't like Avery?"

"I am sure you must have heard the proverb that a melon is not sweet when it is forcibly picked before its ripe end. So when something is done forcibly, it is not going to have a positive outcome," Moore cautioned coldly.

"But I'm more convinced that love grows with time," Jean replied. "Moore, tell me the truth! Why are you resisting Avery's love? She is an international star. Is it because you think she is too popular? Or do you have someone else in your heart?"

Jean frowned, looked at Moore and asked angrily.

Moore took a deep look at her and his facial expression was hard to read. "Yes, I already have a girl in my heart. And yes, I truly love her."

"Who is she?" Jean was stunned after he uttered those words. 'How come he didn't tell me about it, ' her mind questioned. Then she asked with some surprise, "Are you making up an excuse because you don't like Avery?"

"Why should I make an excuse?" Moore questioned coldly. Then he stopped paying attention to Jean and started the car and drove in high speed.

Suspicion was written all over Jean's face. Looking at Moore's stern side face, she could not help but ask, "So who is the girl that you like? Do I know her?"

"No, you don't know her," Moore did not look at Jean while he spoke.

Feeling snubbed, Jean opened her mouth several times but nothing came out of it.

Obviously, Moore didn't want her to know and looked angry.

'Why? Is he angry because I am trying to fix him up with Avery?

Or is it because I am asking him too many questions regarding this sensitive topic?'

"Well, if you really don't want to tell me, I'll stop asking," Jean said, sounding dejected. Gazing at the window, she sighed and tried to ease the atmosphere. After a while, she asked, "Moore, I know I shouldn't mind your private affairs. I don't know if you think that I'm making an unnecessary move. You probably think I'm too nosy. In truth, I have no idea whether you like Avery or not. I just hope that during her stay in H City, you will treat her like a good friend."

In Jean's eyes, there was sadness.

Moore wrinkled

d. "To be honest, I don't think Gary is the kind of person who would trick and abandon his own son for his career. Moore, if it is possible then please give him a chance to explain what happened at that year..."

Jean looked worriedly at Moore and tried to persuade him.

Moore looked at Jean involuntarily, with a flash of sadness on his face.

But instead of saying anything about it, he just pulled over and said to Jean, "Here we are."

Jean was surprised and looked up. Sure enough, the tall and striking building of the Qi Group appeared in front of her.

"Moore, I'm afraid I will need your help to walk upstairs." Jean put away all the complicated expressions on her face and she looked at Moore with a cheerful face.

Moore sighed helplessly, helped her out of the car and asked, "Here's your husband's company. You surely know the horrors of gossip. So aren't you afraid to be seen so close to me by so many people that they misunderstand our relationship? What if they eventually use it against you? They will drown you with problems."

"Why should I fear? Am I not with you? Even if I'm going to drown, you'll be my companion." Jean waved her hand carelessly.

Sometimes the speaker had no particular intention in saying these, but the listener read his own meaning into it.

Moore came to a sudden halt when Jean uttered these words.

But soon, he regained his composure and helped Jean walk to the gate of the Qi Group.

After the last video incident, almost everyone in the Qi Group knew that Jean was the CEO's wife.

So when Jean and Moore appeared at the front desk, there were already some smart people who had called the secretary in the CEO's office.

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