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   Chapter 575 Alcohol Poisoning

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7445

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Avery spoke with a smile, dissuading Jean from meddling in the talk between Moore and Hanley.

Hearing Avery's words, Jean was stunned for a second and stared at Avery. "It seems that you know Moore very well," said Jean.

"When we were still on the campus, I would remember every single detail about him," Avery replied as her smile got bigger.

Jean took a deep look at Avery and then put on a slight smile as she said, "He is lucky to have a friend like you. But unfortunately, he doesn't know that yet."

"Don't talk like that." Upon hearing Jean's words, Avery shook her head at once as she added, "I feel so lucky to have met him."

A hint of happiness glimmered in Avery's eyes as she watched Moore's back.

Jean was deeply touched seeing Avery's affection. Her desire to bring Moore and Avery together developed and got stronger.

But she was also aware that it would be hard for Moore to accept Avery. 'There is a lot of work to do, ' her mind said.

Moore was such a strange guy and didn't even have feelings for Avery.

Jean thought silently for a moment and then looked up in Moore's direction. She found that Hanley was waving his hand towards Moore and started walking toward a Porsche which was not far from him.

After the Porsche left, Moore turned around slowly and got back into the car.

Noticing no change in his face, Jean was a little disappointed.

Deep down Jean was aware that Hanley must be after something since he came to Moore.

However, Jean had to admit that Avery's words made sense and Jean shouldn't get herself involved in everything. Thinking of this, Jean didn't ask any questions.

She had to accept that Moore was capable of making his own decisions.

After all, it was his family and his life. Jean's duty as a friend was to support him.

Only he had the right to make a choice and it would be wrong to put forward her opinion.

The atmosphere in the car was silent. Moore didn't say anything but started the car without glancing at anyone.

Avery remained silent as well and Jean had no choice but to do the same.

They arrived at the hospital soon. Jean had her foot checked and then accompanied Avery to get a check-up. After everything was done, the

ve been together for four years. Even cold-hearted people would have gotten close by keeping each other company for so long," Moore said as he couldn't help but put on a smile.

He opened the door of the car and helped Jean sit down on the front seat.

"Really? Is four years long enough for people to facilitate their relationship?" Jean asked as she buckled up and watched Moore seat himself on the driver's seat.

"Of course." Not realizing the difference on Jean's face, Moore nodded his head.

"Then do you have any feelings for Avery as she has been liking you for such a long time?" Jean stared at Moore's face and asked all of a sudden. This question had been eating her alive and she wanted to know the answer to it very badly.

Moore paused as he was fastening his seat belt because Jean's question caught him off guard. He couldn't help but look up at Jean as his face turned a little pale.

"Jean..." Moore said with a hint of anger in his voice. "Why do you have to ask me that? Will you only be completely satisfied after you force me to accept Avery?"

"Why will I do that just to make myself satisfied?" Jean felt guilty at once when she found Moore was a little angry at the moment. She explained, "Avery is so nice. She is gorgeous and she has been loving you for so many years. I'm touched by her passion of love."

"Then why don't you marry her since you are the one touched by her love?" Moore spat this question with anger and his fury magnified.

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