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   Chapter 573 You Are Such A Bastard

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 10304

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The atmosphere during the meal was a little bit silent, so Jean wanted to lighten up the mood. However, Jean observed that most of Avery's topics were about Moore. Moore, on the other side, just kept silent and had a cold look on his face. Seeing this, Jean had no other choice but to smile at Avery.

After finishing the meal, Moore excused himself and went upstairs to have some rest. It was evident he just wanted to be alone.

After Moore's exit, Jean finally felt a little bit relieved. She turned her head to look at Avery sitting next to her. She wanted to explain what had happened just now to Avery in order to clarify her doubts.

But when her eyes stopped on Avery, she noticed that Avery was staring at Moore's back. There was a trace of sadness on her beautiful face.

"Avery..." No matter what, Jean wanted to come clean and explain everything to Avery. She could not help comforting her by saying, "Avery, listen to me. I want to explain to you that you have misunderstood what has happened just now. Moore and I are just friends. Don't think too much."

"Really? You are just friends?" Avery stared at Jean and asked her indifferently.

"Yes! We're just friends!" Jean saw that Avery was still unwilling to believe her, so she sighed helplessly. "Do you know how Moore and I met? I hit him with my car and the impact was so severe that he hardly woke up. It's all my fault. I was too careless at that time. But fortunately, Moore's mind was strong enough and he finally woke up. You know what? If he hadn't woken up, I would have blamed myself all my life!

You can never imagine how happy I was to watch him wake up. It's because of that accident that we became friends. After a while, I learned that H City was the place where he was born. He just missed his hometown, so he came back to stay here for a few days. However, he was hit by me, so he had to be sent to the hospital. Since then, many plans of his life were changed. But before Moore was discharged from the hospital, all the people in the Bai family came to the hospital. Their attitude towards him was very bad.

I can bet that you are totally unaware of Moore's real identity. He must have told you that he is an orphan, right? In fact, he is not just an orphan. Ordinary people can never imagine what had happened to him. He lives a tragic life. He lost her mother since his early childhood. As for his bastard father, he married another woman and abandoned his biological son for his official career.

Someone had secretly created a new identity for Moore as an orphan, and he somehow arranged a foreign couple to adopt Moore. Since then, Moore went to Chicago with that couple and he lived his life there. That's all his story. After he left the hospital, Zed and I convinced him to move in to prevent the Bai family from bothering him. You can never imagine that how shameless they are. I can do nothing for Moore but I'll try my best to protect him."

Jean sighed helplessly when she finished her speech. She looked at Avery's face and said frankly, "It may be true that Moore and I d

e with her?

If I were him, then I would have already fallen in love with Avery.

Pitifully, I'm not him. I cannot decide for him, either, ' Jean complained secretly in her heart. But she still had to think about how to help Avery.

Jean and Avery chatted for a while. Realizing that she still had something to do later, she took out her cell phone and called Moore.

In truth, Jean didn't want to disturb Moore but Zed was still in the company, so today she had to bother Moore to go to the hospital with them. It was important for her to change the medicine on her ankle and Avery needed to have a further check-up as well.

Moore answered the phone in a low voice, and then he appeared in front of Jean in a matter of few minutes.

When Moore arrived, Jean analyzed him from up to down. She slowly looked at his features and frowned a little.

'I still can't understand what makes Avery so crazy about you. Why is Avery head over heels in love with you? What made Avery remember you for so many years?' Jean wondered inside her head.

The more she stared at Moore, the more puzzled she got.

Maybe it was because Jean saw Moore go around her all the time recently. Or it could be because Jean was always surrounded by handsome guys, which made her pay less attention to the perfect look of a man.

But to be honest, Moore was indeed very handsome. Since he was discharged from the hospital, he had recovered very well. Besides, he often accompanied Jean to go around different places. He used to be a strong man. Now he started to gain weight because of the exercise in recent times.

His?features?were?strongly?defined and he did have a great pair of eyes. 'They are huge and attractive, ' Jean finally agreed in her mind.

Moreover, his skin was even more delicate than most women. Lastly, he had a temperament that many women would find attractive.

"What are you looking at?" Moore asked Jean. He reached out his hand to touch his face and looked at Jean in bewilderment. 'Is there anything dirty on my face?' Moore thought.

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