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   Chapter 572 Just Friends

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 10403

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'I've already said that I don't feel like eating. Why couldn't you just leave me alone for a while?

Jean, do you really have to keep asking?' asked Moore helplessly in his mind and sighed internally.

Moore and Avery soon arrived at the head of the stairs. And he found that Jean was standing there with a frown, looking down on the stairs with helplessness written all over her face. At the realization that Jean might only pretend to be pitiful in order to make him believe her, he was kind of irritated internally. But still, he felt really bad at the sight of her looking sad. He couldn't help but get lost in his thought for a few seconds.

'I've been too emotional just now.

I should have thought of Jean's foot. It has been swelling since yesterday.

As she wants to go down the stairs, her pain will definitely increase if she attempts it. It is my fault that I didn't think of it earlier.

I cannot pretend to be indifferent to her, regardless of the reason she and Avery called me here. Now that I've seen her in trouble, there is no way for me to leave her behind, ' struggled Moore in his mind. And finally, he decided to help Jean to get downstairs.

After letting out a sigh, he walked towards Jean and looked at her with a peaceful face as he always did.

Meanwhile, Jean looked up at Moore and found that he was looking at her. There flashed a frustrated look in her eyes.

'Why does Moore's face look like it contains a lot of meanings? It is bottling up a lot of emotions in it.

Aren't there helplessness, struggles, compromise and heartache in it? Oh, Moore…' thought Jean all flustered.

At the thought of this, Jean bowed her head in shame and dared not to look at him anymore.

'He must have known the tricks that I am playing. How could he not know? He is so clever, ' sighed a guilty Jean internally. She knew he could see right through her.

But then she looked up at Moore defiantly as if she took a different turn in her thought suddenly.

'What is so wrong about fixing him up with Avery?

I am just doing this for his own good, aren't I?' Jean said to herself.

Noticing the guilty look on Jean's face, his heart felt a sudden ache. Moore could only sigh with helplessness written all over his face. He shook his head as if he could read Jean's mind. Shift in her thought was so evident to Moore. However, he had made up his mind to help and was about to carry her.

"Wait…" said Jean suddenly as she stepped back a little bit. She looked at him with some embarrassment on her face and added, "I just need your hand for support. I think I can manage with a little help. My wound is much better now. It's just that it will hurt to exert too much pressure."

"Even if you walk with my help, you'll get pain in your wound," replied Moore with an impatient look on his face. And after his words, he quickly carried her with his arms and went straight downstairs, leaving her no time to refuse his offer.

Jean was in shock and she looked back hastily to find that Avery was looking at them. There was a look of utter shock on her face.

'Oh crap!' utte

der she has started to dislike me. Maybe it never occurred to her that Moore and I are just friends, ' thought Jean sadly. She didn't want to lose a friend because of this.

And she knew she couldn't explain it now. She had to wait, but she felt impatient inside.

"I had dinner with Moore a few times while I was learning Chinese from him. And I've known all about his likes and dislikes in food. But at that time, we could only go to the small Chinese restaurants in China Town. And the food we ate before tasted nothing compared to the ones present here," explained Avery with a smile.

"I see," said Jean as she nodded her head. She then looked at Moore and added, "It seems that the connection between you two has become tight ever since Avery started learning Chinese from you, Moore. Avery, why did you want to learn Chinese?"

"Well, I like Chinese culture, as well as its local conditions and customs, and so on… I like China a lot. Whenever I have a chance, I want to come to China and see it with my eyes. And now, my dream finally came true,"

replied Avery as she looked at Moore with a genuine smile. The cheerful smile appeared on the corner of her mouth and Jean realized she was in a good mood. Jean let out a small sigh of relief.

At the sight of Avery looking at Moore, Jean was so happy. She realized that Avery's feelings for Moore was so strong. She looked quickly away from the two of them because she didn't want to interrupt them. Meanwhile, she was so glad for Moore in her heart.

'I've known about Avery's feelings for Moore is so deep right after I met her for the first time. It is so evident from the way she looks at him.

But it never occurred to me that Avery has been devoted to Moore ever since she was in college.

Yet it makes sense. If she had not been so deeply involved, she wouldn't have been so into him right now, '

thought Jean internally with a sigh. With this realization, her worries about the explanation to Avery gradually dissipated. Then she buried her head and began to devour the food in her plate.

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