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   Chapter 570 Good Night, Sweetheart

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7516

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All Jean could do was to sigh silently. She was hoping that her foot would recover soon so that Zed wouldn't lift her up in front of Avery every time she had to move. It was really loving but to be lifted like that in front of everyone was a tad embarrassing.

Lost in these thoughts, Jean absent-mindedly took another sip of her soup. All her attention at the moment was focused on the food in front of her.

After finishing her late-night snack, Jean slightly rubbed her round belly in satisfaction as she thought of her baby.

She had been really concerned about Avery until now and therefore, hadn't eaten much.

It was only after she had made sure that Avery returned safe and sound, that she relaxed finally. And with her mind relaxing, the effect was felt finally and she found herself starved. She ate quite a lot as she was pregnant and needed nutrition.

Seeing Jean's satisfied face, Zed put on a tender look and reached out his hand to rub her soft hair.

"It's late. Please go upstairs and have a rest. Moore, I had a room made ready for Avery just next to yours. Lead her there, will you?" Zed advised everyone to go and rest now. It was late.

"Sure." Moore nodded and looked towards Avery, who was busy biting on an apple happily.

Avery continued eating and followed him upstairs.

"Zed, why don't we go upstairs?" Jean asked with curiosity written all over her face.

After making sure that Moore and Avery had left and were out of ear-shot, Zed smiled slightly and asked in response, "Haven't you been trying to get the two of them together? Now is the best chance for that."

"Right!" Jean's eyes glimmered in excitement on hearing the explanation. "Avery only has three days. We need to take good advantage of this chance."

"Yeah. And there's another reason why we don't go upstairs for the moment. You've eaten too much. I'm afraid you might get dyspepsia if we go to sleep directly. You need time to digest your snacks,"

Zed explained with a soft look on her.

Jean was embarrassed at once as her face flushed red. She looked at Zed and asked in an embarrassed voice, "Zed, have I really eaten so much?"

"You are pregnant. What you ate is for you and our baby. I'm glad to see you eating more than

ll couldn't help but tease her silently.

He had read somewhere that pregnant women usually sleep a lot since they get tired very easily.

Obviously Jean was also one of them.

Zed reached his hand and slightly touched Jean's plain belly as he murmured, "Baby, I hope you won't be too active in your mom's belly. Or she will be too tired. If you don't listen to me, I'll give you a lesson once you are born."

Zed dried his hair and then lay down beside Jean. Seeing her pure sleeping face like a sweet angel, Zed sighed in satisfaction and held her close in his arms.

Jean found a comfortable spot in Zed's embrace and didn't wake up at all. But happiness could be told on her tender face somehow, even though she was asleep.

Zed saw the slight smile on her face and lowered his head as he gave Jean a kiss on her forehead. Then he sighed, "Good night, sweetheart."

The smile on Jean's face got bigger as if she had heard him saying good night to her in her dream.

Jean didn't wake up until it was ten o'clock the next morning. By the time she opened her eyes, Zed had already gone.

Looking at the empty half of bed besides her, she sighed.

She still felt a little drowsy and she couldn't remember when she had fallen asleep last night. What she was sure of was that she was already asleep before Zed had come back from the shower.

She could still remember that Zed had held her as he had lain down on the bed and tucked her in before giving her a kiss on her forehead.

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