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   Chapter 569 What Took You So Long in Coming Back

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6662

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Seeing what was happening in front of her, Avery was utterly embarassed. 'I guess I have misunderstood Moore and Jean's relationship after all.

If they were anything more than friends, Zed would have definitely not allowed Moore to live here.'

Avery shook her head with a smile, and looked at Moore who was standing silently. She said, "Thank you, Moore."

"Will you feel uncomfortable if you don't thank everyone today?" Moore asked Avery, half-annoyed.

"No." After Avery heard Moore's taunt, her cheeks flushed a deep red. "I had to thank you. We are not classmates now but you still care about me…"

Moore looked away suddenly. Avery saw him with knit eyebrows, mulling over what she had just said. Moore looked again at Avery and saw her standing abashed. He sighed and said, "Don't think too much, Avery. You are a superstar now. Of course, I feel honored to be your friend."

'What?!' Avery was livid. "Moore, do you treat me as your friend just because I am a star?"

Moore balked at Avery's anger. "You can think like this if you think it is true!"

With that, Moore walked off in a huff, without looking at Avery.

Avery was rooted at the spot regretting what she had just said.

'Moore is not at all a superficial man.

Why did I have to annoy him? Now, I am left all alone here.'

Avery's mind was clouded with these thoughts as she walked into the house.

Meanwhile, Jean met Moore on his way into the house and asked, "Where is Avery? Moore, did you leave her alone on the porch?"

"I am coming." Hearing her name, Avery decided to turn the situation around somehow. It wouldn't do to act so impulsively. She took a deep breath, and walked over to them with a smile.

"Come come, please sit here," said Jean, waving at Avery to signal her to come and sit next to her. "I have asked Zelda to cook some food for you. It should be served soon. All of you must be very tired by now. It'll be a good idea to rest after lunch."

"Thank you, Jean." Avery sm

she had seen.

Then what will be the truth?

What made Albert turn against Avery?' Zed wondered.

Before making everything clear, Zed thought he should keep silent so as not to make Jean and the others worried.

By now, Zelda had begun serving food and had informed Jean to get everyone inside. Jean then told the others to go to the dining room.

Zed was concerned about Jean's injured foot so he lifted her up to take her to the dining room. Moore and Avery seeing the couple started to snigger. Hearing their suppressed laughs, Jean gently whispered in Zed's ears, "Please put me down. This is so embarrassing…"

"Why is it embarrassing?" Zed asked. "You are my wife. Moreover, Moore and Avery are our friends. There is nothing to be embarrassed in front of them, right?"

Zed turned around to look at Avery and Moore, directing the question at them.

"Yes," Avery blinked at Jean and quickly responded.

Moore sat down directly to eat, filled his mouth with food, and nodded at Zed casually.

"Look!" Zed proudly put Jean on the chair, and thoughtfully helped her serve the food she liked.

Jean looked at Zed helplessly. Finally, she sighed and began eating.

'Even if Moore and Avery are embarrassed, they won't say it out despite Zed asking them.

When did Zed become so cunning?' thought Jean.

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