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   Chapter 568 You Are Being Naughty Again

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7047

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"Albert, are you sure that you really want to see Avery sick and uneasy? I am sure that is not the case. Am I wrong in assuming so?" Adolf finished his rhetorical question and turned away without waiting for an answer, or even looking at anyone. He simply left.

With him gone, Albert could do nothing but stomp the ground out of frustration. He then glared at Avery with extreme disapproval and hatred.

"Albert, why do you hate me so much?" Avery looked at him in confusion and asked. "I have promised you that I won't tell anyone else, why do you have to do this to me?"

"Won't tell anyone?" Albert sneered. "Hell no! If I hadn't come and stopped you, you'd have already told everyone within a light year radius! Bitch, do you really think I can trust you?"

Ending the sentence in an extremely hateful way, he spat at Avery's face and left too.

The shower of spot made Avery retreat back several steps in disgust and fear, and she would have fallen down but

Moore was vigilant enough to support her. He gently held her and cautioned, "Watch out Avery......"

Avery raised her teary face and looked at him piteously, "Moore, I really didn't want to know anything about Albert. And I didn't mean to walk into that room, let alone have any intention of spilling the beans in there. But I was too angry today to keep this a secret..."

"I know." Hearing this, Moore comforted her, "Don't think about this now. You did nothing wrong. It's Albert who doesn't trust you about anything, and it's him who has been forcing you into things you don't want to do. Now that Adolf has promised you three days off, we should make good use of this opportunity and try not to ruin it with such unhappy thoughts. Let's go back now! Jean is waiting for you at her house..."

"Yes, this is not your fault, Avery. It's just Albert being too pushy. It is time to brave up now, and wait and see. Time cures almost all ailments," Zed comforted her.

As Avery heard him, she tried to blink and hold back the tears that had come in her eyes. She looked at Moore, and then at Zed. "Thank you," She chirped a quick


Avery took a glance at Jean's sad face in surprise and was even more nonplussed when she turned her glance towards Moore.

He was still pretty angry, which was understandable but what shocked her even more was that he seemed to be blaming himself!

Suddenly, Avery understood something.

It must be that Moore had something to do with Jean's injured foot. That was the only explanation.

And that was why he was being so caring and then blaming himself.

Having thought this through, the things that had been troubling her had gone and she looked at Jean with a smile. "Jean, sorry I am late."

"Avery, I just knew that they wouldn't stop until they had brought you here." Jean saw Avery and hid her embarrassment with a smile.

Seeing her happy, Avery felt better and smiled, "It's all my fault that you guys couldn't sleep well tonight. Besides you are pregnant......"

"Avery, if you treat me as your friend, you should stop being so polite," Jean stopped Avery from carrying on and said. "Let's head in! It's quite cold outside and you are not fully covered."

"Okay." Avery nodded.

Zed walked to Jean, patted her on her head and sighed, "You are being naughty again!"

"No. I'm not, I took a nap in the living room just now," Jean explained.

"I really don't know how to be angry with you." Zed sighed and held Jean in his arms and then they walked into the house.

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