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   Chapter 566 Don't Trust Albert

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9191

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At Zed's words, Adolf frowned and looked at him without saying a word.

The atmosphere suddenly became strange and silent. There was a hint of tension as well.

Zed gave Albert a smile on the corners of his mouth.

Back at Zed, Albert also had a smile with deep meaning and looked at them with some sympathy, as if he still had enough tricks under his sleeve.

Adolf finally broke the silence. "You asked me why I was here, right?" He had a heavy voice and a complicated expression. He cleared his throat before speaking again, "Tomorrow is the agreed time to shoot advertisements for your company, so I have to come and see for myself how Avery is recovering. I know I was a little tough on her, that's why I really need to check, so I can sleep in peace.

I had to, because this is my responsibility and my daily activity as her manager."

Zed was stunned after hearing Adolf.

He suddenly understood why Albert had just looked at him like that.

'I see.

Albert knows Adolf's style of working so well that he set up a trap for us to get in on our own, ' Zed thought, feeling more and more impressed at Albert.

Zed turned to Avery before returning his attention to Adolf and asked, "Since that's the case, does Avery know about your nightly habit?"

Avery shook her head, and her eyes turned a little red, making everyone glance at her.

Obviously, she didn't fully know what Adolf had done for her in private.

With an open and straightforward expression, Adolf answered Zed, "No, she doesn't know. Her sleep quality is not very good, so I always wait until she falls asleep before I come to see her."

However, deep in his eyes, there was still a slight light that flashed across quickly and then dimmed. His eyes returned to their original cold state at once.

Zed had been looking at Adolf, so he had not overlooked the subtle change in his eyes.

He frowned and continued to eye Adolf intently.

Adolf felt Zed's penetrating gaze and frowned back at him uncomfortably.

Unaffected by Adolf's cold expression, Zed looked at him and asked with a smile, "Since you said you were here to see if Avery slept well, what about Albert and the two bodyguards? Are they also worried about her, so they came and had a look?"

Adolf frowned deeper at Zed. "You did ask a good question, Zed." He turned to the three people standing near him, and asked them with doubt, "Albert, haven't you gone back to rest? And you two, didn't I ask you to keep watch at the door of her room?"

One of the bodyguards moved forward and rushed to explain, "Boss, as soon as we saw the two men sneaking into Miss Avery's ward, we were about to stop them and inform you, but then Albert suddenly appeared. He told us just to stop them in fro

ion. Somehow, his heart sank.

He gazed deeply at Avery, not understanding why she showed such an expression.

'What exactly did Albert do to disappoint Avery so much?


What secret could it be that made Albert target Avery like this?'

Adolf thought. He couldn't decide who to help after realizing that Avery and Albert were tangled up in a complicated situation. 'Who can tell me what I should do?' he wondered desperately.

Adolf's face for the first time showed a conflicting expression. He remained silent and kept his mouth shut, pondering the situation carefully. One wrong move could be the end of him.

Zed and Moore exchanged looks. They saw the expression on Adolf's face and knew that although Adolf did not ask, he definitely had noticed that what Avery had just said was a little strange.

They were uncertain as to whom Adolf trusted more and whether he wanted to know more of what Avery had just blurted out. The outcome of the matter just ultimately depended on these two points.

Then again, according to Albert's cunning character, he certainly would not let Adolf know that he had hatred against him.

Moreover, Adolf's silence and hesitation showed that he did not know yet who to trust for the time being, so this matter would certainly not be resolved easily today.

On the other hand, Jean was still waiting for them at home and would certainly be worried if they took longer than expected. She might even come here to check for herself. With this in mind, Zed took a look at Avery. Suddenly, he thought of a way out and decided to solve it quickly.

By this time, Avery's strong emotions were slowly starting to fade. She felt Zed's gaze at her, so she raised her head in his direction.

Seeing how Zed looked at her that way, Avery asked in a low voice, "What's wrong, Zed?"

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