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   Chapter 565 Exposing Tricks and Deceit

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 10422

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Avery looked at Moore with a beautiful smile. She had never imagined that the day Moore would be gentle to her would come so soon. "Okay, I know. Don't worry too much about me." She gave Moore one last reassuring smile before she turned to look at Adolf. She knew that she must confront him today, so after taking a deep breath and mustering up the courage, she walked firmly and slowly toward him.

Zed and Moore were closely following Avery in order to protect her if either of the men in front of them ever raised a hand on her or verbally abused her. The three of them stood in front of Adolf at the same time.

Adolf eyed Avery with his sharp eyes. Then, he turned his head to look at both Zed and Moore. He looked them up and down before finally fixing his eyes on Zed. He smirked and mocked, "Mr. Qi, it's already midnight. Shouldn't you be sleeping at you home now? Also, what are you still doing here with Avery? Aren't you afraid that your wife will be jealous because you're here and not with her?"

"Avery is my friend, so it's normal for me to visit my friend, isn't it? Besides, I came here with Moore, so you may rest assured that my wife will not be jealous. But I am not sure how my wife would react to any of your concern."

A firm smile formed on Zed's face after replying to Adolf.

Adolf raised an eyebrow in disdain and snorted. "Is that so? It seems like you have married a good wife."

"Of course, I have a great wife. No one can outmatch her. Besides, she's my wife. I have a huge confidence with her and so does she about me, so don't worry about this, Adolf." Zed didn't care about Adolf's rudeness. He had other problems besides that. He then looked sharply at Albert, who was standing by Adolf's side, and then asked Adolf without turning his gaze away from Albert, "How about you, Adolf? Just like you said, it's already midnight. Shouldn't you too be sleeping in your place as well? Or is it because that you knew we will visit Avery tonight, so you specially came here to meet us?"

Albert stopped Zed impatiently and pretended to be angry. "That's totally nonsense! You'd better frankly tell us where you want to take Avery to in this time of the night!"

Eyes opened wide, both Avery and Moore turned to Albert and were astonished by his words.

Several hours ago, Albert came to their house to persuade them to take Avery out from the hospital. But now, he seemed to stand on Adolf's side and speak for him as if everything hadn't happened. Obviously, it was all his trick and deceit. They had not expected that he was such a despicable man.

Zed knew that there was some bad atmosphere in Albert, and he was right about it now. He couldn't help casting a deep look at him. Although he looked almost the same as Adolf, he was not mentally strong enough compared to Adolf.

No wonder although they were twins, he still served under Adolf and was so scared of him.

'Now that you dared to play a trick on me, don't ever feel regret for what you had done, ' Zed thought to himself.

Then he looked at Albert with a look of sympathy on his face and asked, "Albert, why a

t so?" Adolf's expression looked terrible after hearing Albert's explanation. He looked at Avery with such cold eyes and asked, "Is it true? Do you really want to leave me?"

Avery shook her head instantly. "Of course not, he is lying to you!" She gave Adolf a sincere look and said, "Adolf, I am telling you the truth. I don't want to leave you. My acting career is just beginning. Do you think I'm that dumb enough to leave at this critical point in my life?"

"Then, tell me, why you are not sleeping in your room? And why are you here with them? What were you about to do?" It was obvious that Adolf didn't believe Avery's words, and his tone became colder and colder as he questioned her.

Avery noticed that Adolf was on the verge of getting mad, so a bitter smile appeared on her face, but before she could open her mouth and explain, Zed stopped her.

"Listen to me, Adolf. I'll tell you exactly what really happened. When my wife saw Avery for the first time, she had a favorable impression on her, and I can even say that she admires her. That's why she became anxious when Avery got sick right away. Who wouldn't be anyway? Avery hasn't even stepped foot on the ground for a day. So imagine how she would react when Albert told us that you had badly scolded Avery, and he even told us how you just used Avery to be your money spinner. Naturally, my wife, no, all of us too became more anxious for her. That's why we gave in when Albert told us to pick up Avery in the middle of the night and ask her whether you had treated her badly or not. In the end, we all have been utilized by Albert, and obviously all this was his trick to make us all turn against each other. Adolf, I believe that you are a smart man. I hope that you can use that head of yours to think about this whole situation. How could we manage to bring Avery here if there's no one else secretly helping us? You know how difficult it is to get rid of the bodyguards given our stature. Moreover, who brought you here in the middle of the night? Aren't you suspicious at all of Albert's actions?"

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