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   Chapter 564 Albert’s Secret

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6574

Updated: 2019-03-23 21:26

Weren't Adolf and Albert biologically related?

How was that possible?

"When I saw that, I couldn't help shrieking. Immediately, I ran away because I was very frightened. But Albert ran after me as soon as he spotted me," said Avery in a trembled voice.

"He started crying as soon as he grabbed me. He didn't want me to tell anyone about what I saw. He didn't want to see Adolf in pain. He knew that he was out of the line when he showed hatred for Adolf. Adolf has been excellent, which is why Albert envies him. Adolf has always outdone Albert ever since they were young, which is the main reason why Albert is so mentally disturbed. Albert promised that he wouldn't do that again."

Avery smiled bitterly and continued, "Since I knew his secret, he has been extra careful when I'm around. He even spoke up for me in front of Adolf. Whereas I have been really careless. Albert always looks cheerful as if he doesn't care about anything.

But on second thought, I am sure that no one will let me off the hook if I have coincidentally known his or her hidden secret. Since Albert doesn't want Adolf to know his secret, he won't be relieved if I keep staying with Adolf all the time. But I have no idea what on earth he is planning for tonight."

"It is very simple to know what he is going to do if you really want to know it," said Zed confidently.

Avery smiled brightly as soon as she heard Zed's words. She stared at Zed and Moore, who felt bitterness on her face.

Zed pushed open the door of the ward and looked outside cautiously. He confirmed that there was no one outside the ward. Then Zed gestured Moore and Avery to follow him and he quickly walked outside.

Moore put his arm around Avery as they followed Zed carefully.

Even by the end of the corridor, there was nobody.

Zed stopped because something was weird. He shifted his gaze to Avery.

She looked confused as she couldn't figure out what Albert was plotting at all. Now,


Avery knew something was wrong. Although she didn't want to look ahead, she finally braced herself up to follow the direction of Moore's gaze.

Four tall men stood at the gate of the hospital. They all were staring at her.

The one in the front was tall and quite handsome.

Although he was about fifty meters away from her, Avery could still sense his anger and disappointment.

Instead of panicking, she smiled wryly.

By now, they clearly knew what Albert wanted to do tonight.

Albert wanted to force Avery to leave Adolf, even if it needed him to involve Zed and Moore.

But would Adolf believe Avery if she told him everything?

Avery was confused as she didn't know if Adolf would believe her.

She was not sure if Adolf trusted her more than Albert.

But she had to face whatever was going to happen.

She gazed at Moore and said gently, "Moore, please put me down!"

Moore gazed at Avery as he heard her voice. He nodded at Avery and said, "Don't be scared. We are here for you."

Then, Moore put Avery down.

Moore said that they were there.

Avery suddenly felt that she wasn't alone today.

As Moore's last words echoed in her mind, she felt moved. 'Why am I so emotional today?' thought Avery.

She was on the verge of tears as she heard what Moore had said.

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