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   Chapter 563 I Accept

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7148

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Moore did it just the way Jean had asked him to but he wasn't sure whether it was going to work or not.

Standing aside, Zed put on a pleased look.

Judging from the surprised and moved look on Avery's face, she was obviously touched by Moore's words.

Zed couldn't help but admit that Jean indeed knew Avery quite well. Avery's reaction proved Jean was right.

Slowly, Avery took a deep breath and looked at Moore. As far as she knew, it was the first time that Moore had talked to her so much.

No matter what, this brought a weird kind of contentment in her heart.

"All right. I accept." Lifting the corner of her lips, Avery nodded.

Zed and Moore didn't expect that it would be so easy for Avery to say yes to this plan. They looked at her with their stunned faces.

In truth, they were prepared for using persuasive words to make her go.

But now, Avery already accepted it just after hearing Moore's words.

"Avery, do you really agree to it?" Zed asked again to make sure his ears hadn't played tricks on him.

"Of course. You invited me with sincerity. How can I refuse it?"

Avery replied with a smile.

"But you didn't even hesitate. Aren't you afraid that Adolf will go insane when he notices that you are not in the hospital any more?" Zed asked with concern in his voice.

"I've thought about it earlier. It's all right since, I'll leave just for a few days," Avery answered with confidence dancing on her face.

"Are you sure about it? Adolf was so angry when he learnt that you got sick and got into the hospital. And he wasn't afraid to show his anger even in front of us. How could that be all right?" Moore also didn't believe it so he asked with confusion written all over his face.

"Believe me. Adolf may be hard on the outside but he has a good heart. He is not as harsh as you think. Relax! I'll just leave for a few days. The worst result is that I'll be scolded by him. I really need a few days of rest since my schedule has been tight lately," Avery explained.

"Do you still believe it was right of Adolf to get himself drunk when he learnt that you wanted to pretend to be sick?

me more serious when they heard that Avery claimed to know the reason behind Albert's lies.

"What's the matter then? Time is running out. Just fill us in briefly," Zed said since they couldn't afford any more secrets.

"How about we get out of the hospital first?" Moore suggested since it seemed dangerous to stay here longer.

The look on Zed's face was complicated at the moment as he felt stupid for believing Albert. "Obviously, Albert was after something since he lured us to come here and sent away the two guards for us. If we leave now, then his trick to get Avery and Adolf to fight with each other will succeed," Zed replied.

"Then what should we do now?" Upon hearing Zed's words, Moore got worried and fear took over him.

However, Zed didn't reply him this time. Instead, Zed turned to Avery.

Avery noticed Zed's staring and said with a bitter smile, "Adolf was drunk once on a party. Only Albert and Adolf were left in the box as everyone else already left. When I returned from the restroom to fetch my handbag, Albert was drunk as well. But when I stepped into the box, I saw that he was staring at Adolf with pure hatred in his vicious eyes. The hatred in Albert's eyes was so scary that it seemed as if he was going to kill Adolf."

As soon as Avery finished her words, she closed her eyes and her face turned more pale.

Zed and Moore opened their mouth in utter shock on hearing this.

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