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   Chapter 562 Let's Do It Together

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6548

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Maybe yes and maybe not.

According to his temperament, if he really liked someone, he would not hesitate to pursue her. In short, he wouldn't have minded taking the first move.

Now he would never give other people a chance to take Jean away from him.

As for Moore, Zed didn't know what was going on in his mind.

He knew that Moore loved Jean and it was highly unlikely that he would fall in love with Avery since he was emotionally attached.

Such a gorgeous girl secretly loved Moore for so many years. 'Is it my negligence to not see Moore as a competitive rival?' Zed wondered.

Zed frowned thinking about this. It looked like that he should pay more attention on Avery's love affair.

This way he could try his best to help Avery with her pursuit for Moore.

It would not only meet Jean's wish but also clear the dark cloud hovering above his head.

After all, no matter how much he trusted Moore, there was no guarantee that Moore would not make a move on Jean.

Thinking of which, Zed gazed out of the window with his deep eyes and a touch of certainty written on his face.

Soon, the three rested until 11:00 p.m. and then they all came out of their rooms.

Jean was carried by Zed to the couch in the living room and she looked at them worriedly.

"You must convince Avery. Moore, you were classmates with Avery, so your words will mean more to her than Zed's. Talk to her, tell her not to overthink things. It will be nice to take her away from the celebrity life and show her some ordinary joys. And we will take responsibility for everything."

Jean looked at Moore and spoke in a persuasive tone.

"Ok, I understand." Moore nodded at Jean.

"Jean, are you sure you want to wait in the living room?" Zed asked with concern.

"Yes," Jean nodded and said. "I believe that Avery will follow you here tonight. As long as you try your best to talk to her, she will definitely come. So, I will wait here."


sked Avery, feeling nervous.

"No, he didn't! After Adolf took my phone, I was concerned that you might be worried about me so I told him to give you a message. But when he returned, he said nothing!" Avery looked at Zed and looked at Moore, then asked, "What are you doing at the hospital so late? Are you here just to visit me?"

"It seems my previous feelings were right." Hearing this, a bitter smile showed on Zed's face. "Avery, we don't have much time left. Are you willing to get out of the hospital with us and meet Jean?"

"What?" Avery looked at Zed in surprise as if she didn't understand a word Zed was speaking.

Seeing Avery's reaction, Zed hinted Moore to speak up.

Moore walked up, looked at Avery who was completely at a loss, and said gently, "The thing is, we know what has happened to you and are here to help you. Avery, if you want to get out of this hospital and live a few days of undisturbed life, we will need to get you out of this hospital now.

We are not doing this out of sympathy and of course, you don't need our sympathy. Am I right? I am telling you this as your schoolmate. I sincerely invite you to stay for a couple of days. It will be fun and I will show you around this city."

Having finished his sentence, Moore sighed and waited for Avery's reply.

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